America Ferrera stars as Ugly Betty

The cast of Ugly Betty

Vanessa Williams as Wilhelmina Slater talks to Vera Wang and on the back is Posh Spice

Betty explains her Accounting problems to Henry and her boss

After my Weekend Ugly Betty Marathon. I am in love with the Ugly Betty Series. I lifted a short description of the series from the net.

 One of the few bona fide hits of the 2006-2007 TV season, the hour-long serialized dramedy Ugly Betty was based on the internationally popular Colombian telenovela You Soy Betty, la Fea (“I Am Betty, the Ugly”), with a few dashes of the recent theatrical film The Devil Wears Prada. Decked out in the most unbecoming eyeglasses, dental braces, and business outfits imaginable, America Ferrera starred as Betty Suarez, who had been hired by powerful publisher Bradford Meade (Alan Dale) as assistant to his son Daniel (Eric Mabius), the new editor of the high-fashion “Mode” magazine. Though Betty did not fit in with the standard beautiful-but-vapid employee pool at Meade Publications, Bradford had engagedRead more her services precisely because she was so homely; he was tired of his womanizing son seducing and abandoning every female employee in his path, and figured that the younger Meade would keep his hands off Betty. As it turned out, at first Daniel not only remained aloof from his new secretary, but also did his “best” to make her office life hell, berating and humiliating her at every opportunity. But the resilient Betty was able to survive these verbal assaults thanks to a strong “support group” consisting of her father Ignacio (Tony Plana), her sister, Hilda (Ana Ortiz), and her fellow employee and friend Christina (Ashley Jensen), likewise a “square peg” in the Meade headquarters. Eventually, Daniel came to respect Betty, as her unique skills and intelligence got him out of many a difficult situation. Like most continuing dramas of it ilk, Ugly Betty was permeated with sinister and slightly campy subplots, one of which involved Daniel Meade’s rival, editrix Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa L. Williams), who might well have been capable of murdering her way to the top. Originally slated for a dead-in-the-water Friday-night time slot, Ugly Betty was fortunately shunted to a more advantageous berth as the lead-in for the ABC ratings-grabber Grey’s Anatomy. The series first aired on September 28, 2006, and won a Golden Globe in 2007 for Best Comedy or Musical Series. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide


Heroes Marathon

The cast of Heroes

A painting of Peter Petrellis flying.
Hindi ko kinaya ang pose niya dito.

Claire Bennet, aiming to shoot Peter
– but just couldn’t pull the trigger

Hayden Leslie Panettiere in real life
Her last name is pronounced
“Pan-Uh-Tee-Air-Ee”; the Italian translation is “Baker

Ando and Hiro manipulating the roulette
Ando’s character is Japanese
but he is actually Korean in real life.
Hiro in real life is Masi Oka who graduated in 1997
from Brown University with degrees in mathematics
and computer science and a minor in theatre arts.
He has a 180-plus IQ.
Was featured on the cover of Time Magazine as a child.

Micah and D.L.

Mohinder Suresh

Peter saves the Cheerleader – Claire
who he later discovers to be his niece

Matt and Jessica’s Encounter

Matt didn’t stand a chance.

Since I had two-days off, I had a lot of time for my Heroes Season 1 Marathon. I planned on watching all 23 episodes. In two days.

I watched Episode 1 – 2 last Tuesday night, and since Episode 3 had a problem, it wouldn’t open in my laptop, and a call from Robertisms confirmed that it has a problem, so I skipped Episode 3 and started with Episode 4 last Wednesday night.
Grabe, I was so engrossed in the series, I didn’t really want to stop watching, in between episodes, I would cook, clean, make my bed and bathe too. Wasn’t able to cook any meals so I had no choice buy to eat out. I wanted to bring my laptop along, but that was too much.

Finally I finished Episode 23 at 12 midnight. And slept.

Thanks to Robertisms for the Heroes DVD. I recommend this.


I saw Dreamgirls last night, seems like I’m watching it after the whole world has seen it! Kagabi ko lang napanood. Well I’ve had several chances to watch it. Nung una, sa Pinas, while I was on vacation, I watched the first few minutes got a call and turned it off. And other opportunities passed, pero siguro kagabi talaga destined na mapanood ko ang Dreamgirls. Sinilip ko muna ang aking clock, it was 8:10 pm, 10 minutes till Oprah. If I watch Dreamgirls on DVD, mami miss ko ang Oprah, but then again, replay naman pala ang Oprah so I finally decided to watch the Dreamgirls DVD.

Now I understand why Jennifer Hudson won her Oscar, Golden Globe, a BAFTA, and a SAG Award. She was extremely moving in her portrayal of Effie White. Nagtaray siya the whole time hahahahaha. I turned up the volume everytime Jennifer would sing. Especially when she sang “And I am Telling You” (which I’m not sure if that is the right title by the way), nahiya lang ako baka mamaya kasi naririnig ng kapitbahay ko ang sound from the walls? Kaya hindi ko nilaksan masiyado ang volume. Ganda story, kaya lang feeling ko bitin ako. Sana 3 hours ang movie.

I didn’t want the movie to end. Papanoorin ko ulit tonight.

Love it, Love it, love it.

Now I get the Grey’s Anatomy Madness. Even I am now one of them.

Just finished Grey’s Anatomy Season 2, and the Season Finale was just so gripping, and so dramatic, that my eyes were puffy from crying Hahahahaha. I am not ashamed to admit. Umiyak talaga ako!!!

If my opinion counts for anything with you. Then believe me, watch the series. It’s really worth watching.

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

I’m sure everybody who reads by Blog knows that I am such a fan of Grey’s Anatomy. So you wouldn’t be surprised about this post. Love the song. Super thumbs up.

Sabay – Sabay

After our dinner at the Marriott Hotel (sosyal kami hahahaha), hinatid ko na si Rommel at umuwi na ako. Pagkapa ko sa bag ko hindi ko makita ang aking susi, eh nandun na ako sa main door ng flat so I just rang the bell knowing that Ariel my flatmate was there, buti na lang at may duplicate key siya kasi suspetsa ko I left my keys in the office, (pero naiwan ko lang pala sa kotse).
I turned on the tv, ayun na naman si Hope everywhere. Nakakainis nga siya, ewan ko I dont find any hint of credibility in her statements, kahit katiting man lang wala eh? Is it just me or is she just plain nuts? Nakakainis pa, sabay sabay ang mga magagandang shows sa lahat ng channels, bakit naman ganun? So I just did what I can do in my predicament, channel surfing na lang. Eto mga palabas all at the same time. May naintindihan naman ako kahit paano kasi intelligent ako eh. Hahahahaha.
TFC – The Buzz (with Hope’s interview pati ang side ni Kris sa mga kahina hinalang statements ni Hope
GMA – Showbiz S-files guess niyo kung sino ininterview ni Lolit siyempre naman ang hindi masiyadong mahilig magpa interview na si Hope pa rin.
MBC 2 – The Lord of the Rings – Return on the King (ang ganda ganda talaga nito- siyempre wala na si Hope dito hahahaha)
MBC 3 – Extreme Something, cartoons pambata gusto ko rin sana patulan
MBC4 – Alias (bakit naman kasi nakikisabay, hindi ako tuloy makapag
concentrate eh)
One TV – Dick Tracy, hindi ko masiyadong feel pero maganda din sana.
I ended up paying more attention to The Buzz and eventually nung natapos akala ko ay makakapag concentrate na ako sa The Lord of the Rings pero ang sumunod naman ay Pinoy Big Brother, eh siyempre curious din akong makita kung sino ang mga new housemates who will be the topic of all umpukan. Siyempre kailangan makaka relate ako sa mga umpuk umpukan na yan kaya kailangang makisubaybay sa PBB. Well ayun nga, Pinoy Big Brother and Lord of the Rings pinagsabay ko. Sa kahabaan ng The Lord of the Rings ay natapos na ang Pinoy Big Brother eh naglalakbay pa rin si Frodo but since this is the last installment of the series kaya naman inubos na nila lahat ng budget kaya 32 years ang Lord of the Rings. Natapos ang Lord of the Rings ng 230, naalala ko na Oscars nga pala! The event was going to be shown live kaya lang 4am at parang hindi ko na yata kakayanin? Atsaka ilang kilos na naman kaya ang eyebags ko sa umaga? May pasok pa ako ng 9am at may lunch pa ako sa Marriott na naman kaya pinindot ko na lang ang record at pinilit na matulog na, hindi ako masiyadong nag effort na matulog kasi antok na antok na rin naman ako, so sleep engulfed me easily.
Mamaya ko na lang papanoorin ang Oscars which I scanned shortly before work at tawa ako nang tawa kay Ellen Degeneres. Mabuti na lang at hindi ko napanaginipan si Hope kasi since last week ko pa siya nakikita sa TV.