Store Brand versus Name Brand

After work the other day I remembered that I was running out of rice, coffee and creamer. (Hindi kumpleto ang morning kapag walang coffee di ba?) Atsaka paminsan minsan kailangan kong kabahan naman. So I decided to drop by Tamimi Safeway Supermarket which is where I almost always go for my groceries, since its the nearest to my flat.

I ignored the shopping cart and grabbed basket since I was well aware that my financial state right now is not at its best. (Since my break up with Visa, cash na lang ako palagi, ang problema ay medyo shortage sa cash nowadays eh) I knew the supermarket almost by heart so I quickly went to the aisle where they displayed the rice. After taking the rice I normally buy, I went to the aisle where they displayed coffee. I was also aware that it was almost prayer time so I knew I had to rush. In Tamimi, since familiar face na nga ako, they let me in even during Prayer Time, but I still have to wait for prayer time to finish to pay since there were no cashiers.

I was going to get my usual Nescafe and Coffeemate but saw that there was another bottle labeled Tamimi Gold Coffee. I checked its price and it was cheaper than the usual Nescafe I bought. Okay ito. So I compared the two bottles. Name Brand versus Store Brand.

Here is my usual Nescafe Gold. (Name Brand)

Kilala ang name.

Maganda rin ang packaging.

And here is Tamimi Gold Coffee (Store Brand)

Hindi naman Fab ang packaging, pero hindi naman kawawa.

At made in Brazil siya ha?

Mga kamag anak ni Priscilla Meirelles ang gumawa. Hahahahaha

After my first cup of coffee with Tamimi Gold, I can give my personal view. Hindi naman siya papahuli. Most people would probably say that Name Brands are better but personally I say that the only difference is the price. But quality is the same and taste is not much far from my usual cup of Nescafe.

But this is not true for all the store brands. Some paper towels are not as strong as Name Brands. I have tried Store Brand Detergent once upon a time and I didn’t notice any difference.

The truth of the matter may be that Name Brands are more attractive because of their better packaging. And they cost more because of the money spent on Advertising.

In the end, it is still up to the consumer whether they want to buy Name Brands or Store Brands. But we know which is the cheaper of the two.


Friday was Wash Day

Woke up late yesterday, after my first cup of coffee and a cigarette. I planned on how I was going to spend my day off from work. My duvet cover needed washing, my bedsheet also needed washing, and clothes hamper was starting to fill up. I was delaying and delaying, but I guess there was no other better day to do it, the sun was shinning so I loaded the washer with my first load. While the washer was doing its job, I decided to tidy up a little in my room as well instead of just gluing my eyes to the telly watching the non-ending Anna Nicole updates. Hey I found my long lost friend – my tweezers Yay !!! (okay my eyebrows are not naturally sculpted now you know). Found my City Plaza Privilege Card as well, and cleaned out some garbage from under my bed. I was envious that I was cleaning, washing and doing domestic duties while some friends were enjoying themselves in Bahrain. This inggitero moment was brought to you by Chris Cafuir.

After washing, drying, vacuuming, dusting, and laying out my wet clothes to dry under the sun. I was finished. I took a shower and headed out for some grocery shopping. I needed foodstuffs and other stuff as well so i headed off to the nearest grocery store.

Since it was a Friday, and the weekend after salary it was so i expected that there were a lot of shoppers and i was not mistaken, the store was packed with shoppers. I always shop with my grocery list on my head so I ended up buying those I remembered that I needed and forgetting things again. Typical me, I forgot to buy rice. But I didnt forget to buy lotion hahahahaha. Analyze that.

I dropped off my groceries at home and decided that a quick look at the Brands for Less store wouldnt hurt. Bestfriend sent a text message and I suggested that we meet there. We scanned the Calvin Kleins, the D&Gs, the Armanis, and the Zegnas but none fell on our category of a good buy. Most were on 80% discount and we didnt feel that it was worth our money till its on 90% discount then we would go on panic mode. We left the shop and went somewhere else to go check some shoes, (just the thought of buying shoes makes me tingly inside) so off we went. I really dont take much time when buying things, I dont fit clothes, I do fit shoes but I dont really take that much time. Well Bestfriend and I found some cute shoes which were cheap compared to other brands so I thought I’d buy 3 pairs. Hey I desserve it since I left most of my shoes back home and God knows when Im buying next? And besides they were just cheap shoes. Why am I defending myself? Hahahahaha. Guilty pleasure.

Some friends called us and invited us to another mall, so I just asked them to pick us up instead of driving in separate cars, it would be better if we rode in one car. So off we went and found a nice bag in Kappa, which I bought again.

I thought Friday was Wash Day, instead Friday was Shopping Day.

Special thanks to Visa, for without it, none of this would have been possible. Hehehehehe