Its a slow day today here in the office.

The sun manages to peek out of the clouds every now and then.

I have two pending refunds to make but the Accounting system isn’t working fine so I can’t process them.

I replied to one message in my Friendster account and have added Zsa Zsa Padilla, Candy Pangilinan and Jun Lana in my Multiply account. I would’ve loved to have Leah Salonga in my Multiply but I think she isn’t accepting any Friend Requests in Multiply.

Gotta check too if Rob in Riyadh is in Riyadh. I wanna see his pictures during his vacation.

The only thing I am excited about today is watching the series Ghost Whisperer tonight.



Kingdom Finds Itself in Icebox
Raid Qusti, Arab News
RIYADH, 13 January 2008 — Go outside this week and you are likely to hear the sound of knees knocking and teeth chattering because it is c-c-c-cold out there.

Riyadh, typically one of the world’s warmest capital cities, is not so hot now with temperatures plummeting to near-record lows. Even though temperatures during daytime in the capital last week hovered around 13 degrees Celsius; during the evening it was another story when the city officially reached the freezing point: 0 degrees Celsius (32 Fahrenheit).

And just when people all over the Kingdom thought this year’s winter could not get worse, meteorologists are saying even colder weather is on the way.

Hassan Al-Qahtani, spokesperson for the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment’s Central Forecast Office, said the cold spell, which has gripped the Kingdom for the past month, would continue through next week.

Al-Qahtani attributed the cold spell to high pressure in northern Saudi Arabia, which is unleashing northwesterly winds flowing toward lower pressure. The holy city of Makkah was inundated on Friday by heavy rains, and showers are expected to continue in many cities, particularly in the Eastern Province.

“Many media reports are saying that this is the worst cold spell that had ever hit the Kingdom in the past four decades,” Al-Qahtani said. “That is not true.”

The capital, according to him, has had colder days. In 1992, Riyadh recorded its coldest temperature ever: Minus 4 degrees Celsius. Jeddah also has had colder days; it recorded 11 degrees Celsius in the evenings in 1992. The coldest temperature for Madinah was minus 1 in 1973. As for the Qassim region, the coldest temperature recorded was minus 4 in 1992.

The Central Forecast Office reports that the coldest recorded temperature in Saudi Arabia in the past 40 years was in Turaif, where in 1973, it was minus 11 degrees Celsius.

Northern parts of the Kingdom have been worst hit by this winter’s cold snap. The cities of Tabuk, Arar and Hail witnessed snowfall for the first time in many years. Several schools in those cities halted youngsters’ morning exercise, according to local reports. Some mosques also combined prayers due to the cold weather.

The chilly weather, however, has had no adverse effect on the enthusiasm of Internet users, many of whom took the opportunity to record the images of northern cities covered in snow on

So bundle up; stay warm, and have a good laugh about it next July.

Brrrr !!! Coldness talaga ngayon dito sa Alkhobar. But as evidenced from the article above. Lamang pa pala sa Riyadh. And if the cold wasn’t enough, umulan pa this morning! Harsh! But many predicted that it was cold but its going to get colder. What? Hindi pa ba enough na hirap na hirap akong mag shower in the morning? Hindi pa ba enough na hirap na hirap akong bumangon sa umaga kasi my bed is just so warm and soft. That I need to reheat food time and time again because it gets cold immediately after I set it on the table. At isa pa, parusa ding maghugas ng plates kasi the water from the faucet seems to be frozen water. Grrrr.

The only good thing I see is I get to wear my winter clothes.



Grabe. True na talaga ito. Another year is about to end, and a new one about to come. Super nagmamadali na akong tapusin ang lahat ng dapat tapusin this year para hindi ko madala ang pagka procrastinator ko sa 2008. Hmmm.

Call/Text friends to greet them a Happy New Year (Check! Nagawa ko na ito pero hindi ko pa natatawagan lahat, naku baka may makalimutan ako)

Finish Pendings at work (Half Check pa lang ito. Mayroon pa akong mga pendings)

Call Caterer for my Birthday Party (Isang malaking Check! I also gave the Sketch para alam niya kung saan idedeliver ang laps)

Clean House for my Birthday Party (Small Check pa lang kasi hindi pa ako masiyadong naglilinis, not that its super dirty kaya lang kailangan ko pang mag vacuum)

Call Mom (I am just about to do that)


May we have more happy blogposts for the year 2008 !!!!!


It was truly a Merry Christmas yesterday.

Yesterday being Christmas, I was given the option to take the day off from work or go on Half Day but since I had nothing better to do at home, (itutulog ko na naman ang lahat) and most people in the office wanted to take the day off, I opted to stay. But in the middle of the day, M called again. I didn’t answer the call at first but the call left me with confused thoughts as to why call when it was clear to me that we broke off already? Apparently, I was mistaken. Everything was just a result of my twisted paranoid mind.

But my situation made me think. I know I was right. I know I didn’t go overboard. I know I wasn’t acting out. I KNOW I AM RIGHT DAMMIT!  But when I cooled my heels, I asked myself. Did I want to be right? Or did I want to be happy”.  Siyempre happy di ba? Deep in my heart I knew that I did not want to waste more time. I wanted to be happy. We talked about what happened and cleared out things. I knew I didn’t lose anything by letting it pass. My pride wasn’t hurt.

For Christmas Dinner, Eric, myself and M feasted on spaghetti and pan de sal. It was not much but it meant a lot to me. M and I spent two Christmases 400 kms away from each other before. This was my first Christmas with M. Happy ang Christmas ko.

What about you? Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?



The verdict is in.

Management has spoken and informed us that our office (as they termed it) will be disintegrated. So I spoke up and asked politely “So what you are trying to say in simple terms is that our office will close?” I got a simple yes.

Finally. Rumors have already been confirmed. We do not have to speculate anymore.

I also inquired as to the timeline and other general questions, it is after all a Team Meeting, we will only meet with GM one by one today and be informed of what will be our next assignment.

We will not be without jobs. We will still be employed. But we will be scattered to other departments or other regions.

The image below will best describe what I feel.

It really does.



I will post this before anybody else does. Para kunwari ako ang nagpauso. Its that time of the year again when everybody else is wrapping gifts, shopping for more gifts and preparing for the Holiday Season. Since I have no plans of spending Christmas in the Republic of the Philippines this year kasi naunahan na ako ng officemate ko na mag bid for the Christmas Season for his vacation, luhaan akong mag Holidays in the Merry Merry Land of Alkhobar. So, no gifts for me this year but I am seriously thinking of not going to work on Christmas Day. (yes since Christmas falls on a Tuesday, and its not considered a Holiday here then we have to work) I think they would understand. Anywhoots, here are my New Year’s Resolution.

1.  Manage my Credit Card better than I did in 2007

2.  Call my Mom more than I did in 2007.

3.  Not to obsess with filling my dresser with clothes.

4.  Buy more shoes, one can never have enough shoes right? (I don’t think this is a right Resolution, but hey who’s to judge right?)

5.  Do more crunches. I gotta trim my waist.

6.  Talk less on the phone.

7.  Text my Mom more.

8.  Do more crunches. (Did I list that already? I cannot even begin to stress the importance of this)

9.  Eat less rice.

10. Smile more.

11. Shop less/Save more.



 Okay, dont get me wrong. I LOVE GOING HOME TO THE PHILIPPINES. I love my Hometown Cavite. I feel heavenly when I am around family. But there are just some things I hate when I go home.

Its difficult going home all the time. After 10 years of being based overseas, and 9 yearly vacations I can call myself an expert on annual vacations. I am sure other OFWs can relate to my sentiments.

Pasalubong – I saw in a commercial that the Pinoy Traveller always carries the biggest boxes and the heaviest bags. We all love giving pasalubong to our family and friends, BUT! Will there ever a time when I have enough pasalubong? It always seems that I lack a pasalubong for someone who will eventually feel bad that I forgot to bring him/her something.

Strangers – Being away makes the closest friends seem like total strangers. Sometimes it seems that my friends turn to strangers everytime I see them.

Lost – When I was based in the Philippines, I knew the roads of Manila. Now, I am Lost. No U turns, No Left Turns, No Changing of Lanes, WTF! I don’t even know where I can park? Most of the time, I ask directions from my brother who most of the time – knows even less of the roads in Manila than me?

Traffic – Need I explain? A 30 kilometer trip can take 2 hours during rush hour.

Carjacking/Carnapping – My brother told me once never to go to Quezon City because Carjackers loved the Nissan X-trail (this is before we changed cars) and loved the color Black, so I should not go to that area. So I kept that in mind. One morning, after waking up from an evening out with friends he asked me “So Where did you go last night?” I said “Oh my friends and I went to Cubao. He went on about telling me not to go to Quezon City. I replied back that ” I told you I didnt go to Quezon City !!! I was in Cubao. He then immediately asked “So where is Cubao?” Cubao is in Cubao. Turns out Cubao is in Quezon City. (Silly me)

Where do I go? – Every year a certain bar or a certain place that I visited the year before and found nice to visit again has closed. So where do I go? I end up asking friends to take me out because they probably know some place where we can hang out.

Movies – There’s never enough time to watch all the movies that I missed.

Heat – I thought the balikbayans were nag iinarte when they said that it was hot in the Philippines. But I found myself in the same situation. Although, I didn’t complain.

Relatives – I love my relatives but sometimes they just ask the most uncomfortable questions. Hihihihihi What do you say to a Lola who asks you “O apo? Nag iipon ka bang mabuti?” You look at the watch you gave yourself as a gift guiltily and say “Opo Lola” or finally the inevitable question – O kailan ka ba mag aasawa? ang ate at kuya mo may mga anak na? Ikaw ba ano pa bang hinihintay mo? (Hmm, well, uhmm) Next question please.

Lost People – We email each other, even had the occasional chat in yahoo messenger, but when I finally get to the Philippines – they can’t be reached? HUWAT DA PAK?

Weight Gain Issues – Everybody I meet always tells me “Uy ang puti mo” pero ANG TABA MO NGAYON HA? They flatter me and then just burst my Bubble Hahahahaha.

Early to Bed – Its 10pm, and it seems like I’m the only one awake? Everybody’s in a deep sleep already. The stores are closed and no one will chat with you on the phone since its already past their bedtime.

TV Commercials – I never appreciated short commercials here as I do when I am in the Philippines where commercial breaks seem longer than the show itself.

I can go on and on but I will still endure everything just to be Home. Its true what they say “THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME”