Project – Lose the Weight

After my operation last Feb 16, my doctor’s strict orders were for me to go on a soft diet. Hindi ko masiyadong na inquire sa kaniya kung ano ang included sa soft diet kaya I did my best to follow it. I made mashed potatoes from scratch, ate overcooked noodles, oatmeal, lugaw and chicken soup. I missed eating rice with ulam so much. But on the upside of things, I lost weight.

After a week I can squeeze into my size 32 slacks. After 2 weeks feeling ko, feeling ko lang kasi naman I don’t monitor my weight kahit I bought a weighing scale in Ikea a week ago and I don’t check out my waist size too. But I was inspired by the lost of some weight some I decided to pursue it.

I went a walking………

The Corniche was a perfect place for me to do so. It was just opposite from where I lived and had a walking/jogging path, was beside the sea, and green everywhere. I have lived forever here but I have never truly enjoyed a good walk here.

Some amateur photos I took with my phone.

Before I can start, I have to cross this bridge first.

Pasensya medyo blurred ito. I was walking at this point.

The view of the cars from the bridge.

Jogging/Walking path. Ngayon ko lang na appreciate ito.

The view is something great right? Its a great way to clear the head of stress.

Nilakad ko yan hanggang dulo.

Parang gusto kong mag walking everyday…….


Touched by these Photos

Slow day at the office.

I found some photos by Steve McCurry.

I was really touched by these photos.

To see more awesome photos taken by Steve McCurry, visit his blog at and enjoy looking at his work.

My Desktop Photos

These are some of the photos I alternately use as my Desktop Photo. I sometimes see my boss staring at my desktop whenever he would pass by my desk and I would not be using my pc. I think enjoys looking at them too. All he needs to do is ask if he wants me to email them to him so he can use them too on his PC.

Don’t you just love the colors on this?

I like a colorful desktop.

This is a Photoshopped picture.

But it still makes people who see my desktop look twice.

This is the one I am using at present.

Cute baby relieves tension.

And lastly, this also relieves much of the tension of working.

Im Back

My first stop was to see my Former Colleagues

Charmed One and Robertisms
getting ready to go out.

Picture muna before we head out for lunch.

Omar and his Baby Cheese.

My hosts Dennis and Robert with Myx

Ang mga latecomers.
Better late than never.
First, I would like to thank my friend Robertisms for the nice words you said about me on your post last Wednesday basahin ninyo para malaman ninyo na mabait pala ako. Hahahahaha, and too many other thanks for your hospitality during my weekend visit to Riyadh.
Time flies when you’re having fun. True talaga ito, especially during my weekend visit to Riyadh. Feeling ko time really went by so fast.

I saw a lot of friends while I was there, thanks to the generosity and hospitality of my hosts Robert and Dennis who held a Swim party for friends while I was there. I felt as if I never left but I also felt like I missed out on so many things.

Scenes from Alkhobar

At the Starbucks Corniche, ayaw mainitan ng mga people.

Walang nakaupo sa labas. Lahat nasa loob.

Nag yosi ako, sa labas ako umupo after a cool down inside.

Part of the Corniche Highway, malapit na ang Starbucks
(hingal, hingal, hingal)

Tahimik ang Corniche Highway, maaga pa kasi,

pagsapit ng dilim traffic na naman. I’m sure……

Corniche Overpass.

Nasaan ang mga vendors?

Walang nagtitinda ng dyaryo?

Walang nagbebenta ng balot?

Kunwari fresh, pero actually pawis na pawis ako niyan.
Kailangang lumabas lang ng Starbucks para mag suba
ANG INET !!!!!!!!!!

Parang gusto ko na ngang lumangoy.
Nagpawis na ang mga kasingit singitan ko.

Looks inviting.
Ginusto ko na talagang lumangoy.
In fact.

I just took a picture.
Hindi pa ako nakapasok dito.

Thirst quenching ang aking Java Chip Frapuccino

Lastly, when I went to Al Rahmaniya, the mall close to
my house. Jampacked ng mga Pilipino. 95% dyan sa crowd
mga Kabayan. May bumibili, may nakatambay,
may kumakain, maraming Kabayan from other
provinces like Jubail, Qatif, and Dammam,
mayron nagpapalamig lang.

Thursday Evening:
After my flatmate left, I am all alone. I know I should’ve left for Riyadh, but I had to do the last minute things with him so I stayed. Pero anong gagawin ko ngayon dito sa bahay mag isa? Watch TV forever? Hindi yata maganda iyon? So I showered and dressed up. Now my dilemma – Where am I going? I decided to as usual, visit the bookstore which is just a short walk from my house and have dinner at Applebees which is just beside the bookstore. The night air was cooler and the humidity much lesser than it was during the day. Sa bar na ako kumain kasi my friend was tending the bar at Applebees and since first time ko dun, and I was alone, siyempre shyness ako.
The next day, after vacuuming, cleaning, and ironing all my clothes that needed to be ironed I decided to go out and take pictures of Corniche. Ayan sa taas ang aking mga nakuha.

FPJ – First Post in June

Eric and I after our dinner at China Gate Restaurant
last Thursday night. Buffet Dinner Buddy ko siya.
I can’t believe its June already? June is Super Duper Humid here in Alkhobar. People are sweating like crazy!!!! While I was out with a friend last Thursday night, I can feel sweat drenching my shirt. Grabe ang humid !!! Di bale since its June already, six months na lang ang hihintayin ko till I can go for vacation!!!! Naku, saan na naman kaya ako makakarating? Good luck na lang sa aking mga eyebags na naman Hahahaha. I have been in Alkhobar for 52 days now and so far everything is going well here at work. Ang hindi lang masiyadong kagandahan ay ang aking Social Life. Bored pa ako ngayon ng slight kasi I have very few friends !!!! Hindi ako sanay na nasa bahay lang ako !!! I don’t go out much kasi I don’t have anybody to be with. I only have a handful of people that I know and some new friends that I’ve met. Hindi naman ako loner. I don’t like going out alone. I like conversations, di ba masarap maglakwatsa sa mall nang may kasama?
Mayroon din naman akong Monday Night Dinner Friends pero may trabaho sila during weekends. So hindi sila free kaya pano na ako? Kaya pa naman sa ngayon, dinadaan ko na lang sa panonood ng movies on DVD and I recently bought new books too to help me with the boredom too.
Six months pa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Evolution

Ito ang epekto ng sobrang droga!!!
Huwag po siyang gayahin.
Patnubay ng Magulang ay Kailangan.
This is was during my First Year in KSA
Just got out of Law School

TH naman ako dito.

I can still remember the studio where this was shot
Mahihiya sa akin si Sheryl Cruz sa sobrang pa cute ko dito.
Ayan na nga ………..
Rosy cheeks nga, plump cheeks naman.

Hindi kasi nagdahan dahan ………

In fairness, I still look good. Hahahahaha

Medyo dyahe itong post na ito, kasi I’m showing my pictures from my skinny to my not so skinny days. I feel comfortable in my skin now, kahit na medyo not so skinny na ako Hahahahaha. And besides I’m not that fat anyway.

The ironic thing is, just because I’m self deprecating, some people take it as a sign that its ok for them to tease me as well about my weight. I just let it go most of the time, opting not to waste my time on feeling bad about it. But Bestfriend has told me many months ago that inspite of the fact that he teases me about my weight, I was not fat, it was just that when we were together I looked fat because he was super lean. And I still had many fans Hahahahahaha.