Farmville named as one of Time’s 50 Worst Inventions

I have a facebook account.

And yes, I have a farm in Farmville.

I have neighbors and I enjoy visiting and helping out my neighbors with their farm.

I enjoy plowing, planting, harvesting and expanding my farm. As a matter of fact just last weekend, I was able to expand my farm into a Mighty Plantation. But my cash has dwindled to just a meager 31,000 so I visited my neighbors and helped out on their farm to earn some coins and XPs.

I just plow and plant and harvest and collect eggs.

I never knew that there were cheats?

Take a look at this book.

Whenever people joke about Farmville I just smile. I can relate because even if I cannot be considered a Farmville addict, I do feel a certain excitement when I know that my crops will be harvested and whenever I go up a level.  So when I stumbled upon this, I was a little surprised.

Time magazine recently released its list of “The 50 Worst Inventions”, counting popular Facebook game application Farmville among “one of the world’s bright ideas that just didn’t work out.”

Time bemoaned Farmville’s “mindlessness,” pointing out the game’s repetitive nature even as it begrudgingly acceded that the virtual farm app is “the most addictive of Facebook games”.

“(Farmville) is hardly even a game —it’s more a series of mindless chores on a digital farm, requiring the endless clicking of a mouse to plant and harvest crops,” Time said.

Still, Time noted that “more than 10% of Americans” log into Farmville, citing statistics from the game’s developer, Zynga.

Also included on Time’s list of worst inventions are such bizarre creations as the Electric Facial Mask and Venetian-Blind Sunglasses, as well as those banes of online existence, Spam E-mail and Pop-Up Ads.

For me as an OFW, we have to have some sort of hobby. May it be sports, or photography or whatever. For me, Farmville is a hobby. I like going home and knowing that I will harvest my crops that I planted the day before. Its relaxing for me. It somehow gives me another outlet apart from work. And many of my friends have farms too so we talk about it from time to time.

Walang kasalanan ang Farmville.

Huwag ninyong apihin.

I lifted this off from, this is really funny. Its not mine and I do not take credit for it.

Signs that FARMVILLE has taken over my life.

 -i get up an hour early to check on my crops.

– i try to rush home from work in time to harvest my crops before they start to wither because fuuuuuck if i lose out on all those farmville coins then i’m never gonna be able to buy the farmville manor of my dreams.  

-fuck it, i’m not gonna lie – I FARM AT WORK.

-instead of asking how my day was, my boyfriend now asks me how my rice plants are doing.

-i’m reconnecting with old friends by sending them green hay bales and making new friends by raking up scattered leaves.

-my new life goals include: buying a barn and raising horses.

-i can now appreciate the beauty of real-life pumpkin patches.

-i know what fallow means.

oh good lord, what have i become??




               EXT. COUNTRY ROAD/ALABAMA – MORNING (1954)

               Mrs. Gump and Forrest wait for the school bus. The bus pulls
               up as Mrs. Gump prepares Forrest for his first day of school.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         You do your very best now, Forrest.

                         I sure will, Momma.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I remember the bus ride on the first
                         day of school very well.

               The bus driver opens the door and looks down. Forrest walks
               to the steps of the bus and looks at the bus driver. She is
               smoking a cigarette.

                                     BUS DRIVER
                         Are you comin’ along?

                         Momma said not to be taking rides
                         from strangers.

                                     BUS DRIVER
                         This is the bus to school.

                         I’m Forrest Gump.

                                     BUS DRIVER
                         I’m Dorothy Harris.

                         Well, now we ain’t strangers anymore.

               The bus driver smiles as Forrest steps up into the bus.


 America Ferrera stars as Ugly Betty

The cast of Ugly Betty

Vanessa Williams as Wilhelmina Slater talks to Vera Wang and on the back is Posh Spice

Betty explains her Accounting problems to Henry and her boss

After my Weekend Ugly Betty Marathon. I am in love with the Ugly Betty Series. I lifted a short description of the series from the net.

 One of the few bona fide hits of the 2006-2007 TV season, the hour-long serialized dramedy Ugly Betty was based on the internationally popular Colombian telenovela You Soy Betty, la Fea (“I Am Betty, the Ugly”), with a few dashes of the recent theatrical film The Devil Wears Prada. Decked out in the most unbecoming eyeglasses, dental braces, and business outfits imaginable, America Ferrera starred as Betty Suarez, who had been hired by powerful publisher Bradford Meade (Alan Dale) as assistant to his son Daniel (Eric Mabius), the new editor of the high-fashion “Mode” magazine. Though Betty did not fit in with the standard beautiful-but-vapid employee pool at Meade Publications, Bradford had engagedRead more her services precisely because she was so homely; he was tired of his womanizing son seducing and abandoning every female employee in his path, and figured that the younger Meade would keep his hands off Betty. As it turned out, at first Daniel not only remained aloof from his new secretary, but also did his “best” to make her office life hell, berating and humiliating her at every opportunity. But the resilient Betty was able to survive these verbal assaults thanks to a strong “support group” consisting of her father Ignacio (Tony Plana), her sister, Hilda (Ana Ortiz), and her fellow employee and friend Christina (Ashley Jensen), likewise a “square peg” in the Meade headquarters. Eventually, Daniel came to respect Betty, as her unique skills and intelligence got him out of many a difficult situation. Like most continuing dramas of it ilk, Ugly Betty was permeated with sinister and slightly campy subplots, one of which involved Daniel Meade’s rival, editrix Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa L. Williams), who might well have been capable of murdering her way to the top. Originally slated for a dead-in-the-water Friday-night time slot, Ugly Betty was fortunately shunted to a more advantageous berth as the lead-in for the ABC ratings-grabber Grey’s Anatomy. The series first aired on September 28, 2006, and won a Golden Globe in 2007 for Best Comedy or Musical Series. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide


pa110057.jpg pa130042.jpg pa110061.jpg 

The weather is changing. How do I know? I don’t need superpowers to know. Aside from the fact that my nose is all clogged up like rush hour traffic in Baclaran during Wednesdays when I wake up, I have also turned my airconditioner on Low Cool and cranked down the temperature. Giniginaw na ako in the wee hours of the morning, but I’m too lazy to turn the AC off. That’s a sure sign.

Pero aside from the change in the weather, napansin ko there’s a change in me too. Serious itu. See, mayron akong super crush before. Si crush na ito ang tipong nahihiya ako sa kaniya. Hingian lang ako ng yosi eh feeling ko may meaning na kaagad yon? Kapag tinext niya ako eh parang katumbas na ng isang buwang bonus ang natanggap ko? Na parang magugunaw ang mundo ko kung hindi ko siya ma-text kahit once a day? Ganung tipo. May mga friends akong takang-taka sa akin kung bakit ko siya crush pero mayroon din namang agree. Pero itong si crush na ito, super hoping ako na may future. Dinadasalan ko iyan sa gabi. Picture niya ang huli kong nakikita bago ako matulog, and iyon ulit ang una kong makikita when I wake up. Overacting nga ako eh. Nagpaplano na ako ng mga pangalan ng aming mga magiging anak. The vacations we would take together. Honeymooning in Phuket and Koh Samui.

But just like any other fantasy, my fantasy ended. The fantasy ended when I realized, Third Party pala ako? So tinigilan ko ang drama. Sawa na akong maging Third Party. Hindi na ako nababagay sa ganung roles. A gusto kong role ay iyong mga Kill Bill roles na pang action na, pero super flawless pa rin ang make up ko and hindi nagugulo ang hair ko. So I moved on. It’s been so long na nga eh. Akala ko me and my ex crush wouldn’t have any communication anymore,  even if I had gone  to Riyadh several times. I never saw ex. Hindi nag-krus ang aming mga daan. I don’t know what ex looks like now. I just hope that ex crush is happy now. And I’m sure hindi naman niya ako naiisip. Siya nga rin hindi ko naiisip eh. Until this morning. I opened my Friendster account and saw that someone added me as a friend. And he waiting for my approval. Sanay na naman ako sa ganun, kasi nga sikat ako eh. Chos! Sinilip ko kung sino. At biglang lumabas sa screen ang familiar face. Ay si ex crush nga. Actually crush ko pa pala siya. Cute pa rin naman siya in a way. Pero just like the season, my feelings changed. Hindi na ako kinikilig at the thought na in-add niya ako? Hindi ako nagkukumahog na i-message siya. And certainly, I didn’t put any other meaning to the act, only that maybe ex crush wants more friends. Pero in fairness in-accept ko naman siya as a Friend sa Friendster. If you want to see, check out my Friendster account, hehehehehe. Then tell me what you think. Ay wag na pala sisikat pa siya. Hahahahaha.

Sometimes even I, am amazed at myself. Probably it’s just normal that people change. I guess the saying is true, that “The only constant thing in this world is change.”

Agree or disagree?

Samson by Regina Spektor

I’m back from my two-day weekend.

And I’m featuring this beautiful song “Samson” by Regina Spektor.

I didn’t know about this song up until last week when my friend Gerard asked me if I knew about it. I said I didn’t and since I didn’t like being the last to know about what was in, then I immediately checked it out in youtube.

I tried to analyze the song. The song to me has to do with Samson. So during my lunchbreak, I tried to read up on the story of Samson in the Bible.

I’m sure many of you know the story of Samson. His physical strength. His marriage to a Phillistine, who also betrayed him. And his eventual affair with Delilah who cuts off his hair, which was the source of his strength. But actually not, because Samson has already broken two laws of the Nazarite, enough for God to to take away his power from him.

I have two theories on the song. First theory is that the song is about Delilah, well not about her exactly, but an alternate ending to their story. The song is about how she imagined a different ending for their tragic romance. In this different version, after she cuts his hair, he just eats a piece of bread, tells her its okay and nothing has changed. the line ” loved you first” implies that she not only did she love him back, but she loved Samson even before he even loved her. And in her version, the Bible doesn’t mention them because they did not change history.

And my other theory is that the song is about Samson, but not Delilah. In my theory, the song is about another woman who was in Samson’s life even before Timnah – the Phillistine woman Samson married, and even before Delilah. This woman who Samson truly loved let her cut his hair so that he could be vulnerable with her. And Samson is reflecting on how the world would never know about it because it is not mentioned in the Bible. When it is sung “Your hair was long when we first met, may mean that he had his guard up when and didn’t want to let her in at first.

Anywhow, the song is great. Its like Regina Spektor is making a fictional story with her songs.

Do you have anything more to add? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.”What do you think the song is about?

Heroes Marathon

The cast of Heroes

A painting of Peter Petrellis flying.
Hindi ko kinaya ang pose niya dito.

Claire Bennet, aiming to shoot Peter
– but just couldn’t pull the trigger

Hayden Leslie Panettiere in real life
Her last name is pronounced
“Pan-Uh-Tee-Air-Ee”; the Italian translation is “Baker

Ando and Hiro manipulating the roulette
Ando’s character is Japanese
but he is actually Korean in real life.
Hiro in real life is Masi Oka who graduated in 1997
from Brown University with degrees in mathematics
and computer science and a minor in theatre arts.
He has a 180-plus IQ.
Was featured on the cover of Time Magazine as a child.

Micah and D.L.

Mohinder Suresh

Peter saves the Cheerleader – Claire
who he later discovers to be his niece

Matt and Jessica’s Encounter

Matt didn’t stand a chance.

Since I had two-days off, I had a lot of time for my Heroes Season 1 Marathon. I planned on watching all 23 episodes. In two days.

I watched Episode 1 – 2 last Tuesday night, and since Episode 3 had a problem, it wouldn’t open in my laptop, and a call from Robertisms confirmed that it has a problem, so I skipped Episode 3 and started with Episode 4 last Wednesday night.
Grabe, I was so engrossed in the series, I didn’t really want to stop watching, in between episodes, I would cook, clean, make my bed and bathe too. Wasn’t able to cook any meals so I had no choice buy to eat out. I wanted to bring my laptop along, but that was too much.

Finally I finished Episode 23 at 12 midnight. And slept.

Thanks to Robertisms for the Heroes DVD. I recommend this.


I saw Dreamgirls last night, seems like I’m watching it after the whole world has seen it! Kagabi ko lang napanood. Well I’ve had several chances to watch it. Nung una, sa Pinas, while I was on vacation, I watched the first few minutes got a call and turned it off. And other opportunities passed, pero siguro kagabi talaga destined na mapanood ko ang Dreamgirls. Sinilip ko muna ang aking clock, it was 8:10 pm, 10 minutes till Oprah. If I watch Dreamgirls on DVD, mami miss ko ang Oprah, but then again, replay naman pala ang Oprah so I finally decided to watch the Dreamgirls DVD.

Now I understand why Jennifer Hudson won her Oscar, Golden Globe, a BAFTA, and a SAG Award. She was extremely moving in her portrayal of Effie White. Nagtaray siya the whole time hahahahaha. I turned up the volume everytime Jennifer would sing. Especially when she sang “And I am Telling You” (which I’m not sure if that is the right title by the way), nahiya lang ako baka mamaya kasi naririnig ng kapitbahay ko ang sound from the walls? Kaya hindi ko nilaksan masiyado ang volume. Ganda story, kaya lang feeling ko bitin ako. Sana 3 hours ang movie.

I didn’t want the movie to end. Papanoorin ko ulit tonight.