Touched by these Photos

Slow day at the office.

I found some photos by Steve McCurry.

I was really touched by these photos.

To see more awesome photos taken by Steve McCurry, visit his blog at and enjoy looking at his work.


I wish the Rumors were true…

After Charice mysteriously begged off to answer what her upcomings projects in Hollywood were coming up, rumors of a Charice appearance on the Second Season of Glee surfaced and I could not be any happier than anybody else at the prospect of Charice (my favorite) appearing on Glee (my favorite).



But the rumors weren’t true. (Sad)

Charice tweeted on the issue:


Philippine Daily Inquirer even had a column on the news with Charice’s Road Manager/Handler confirmation on the issue. But Charice had cleared up the air and even though its a little disappointing, its not the end of the world.


On a different note, I’ve started tweeting. Medyo lost pa ako, but I hope I get the hang of it soon. And related to Charice, Im such a fan talaga. I’ve sent a tweet for her (is that when they call it) as you can see below. Hahahahahaha.


Kahit ako nakornihan sa sarili ko.

How much is my Blog Worth

My blog is worth $47,645.40.
How much is your blog worth?

I Almost Didn’t believe it


They made a map of the world made up of islands in Dubai?

The World consists of 300 man made islands strategically positioned to form the shape of the worldmap, lying 4km off the coast of Dubai. The world will be the most exclusive and sought after community offering the most exciting residential and leisure opportunities. in the fastest growing tourist destination on the planet. This is the ultimate dedtination where the only limit is your imagination.

Almost two years of extensive planning, research development and design took place before the World was announced to an astonished real estate industry.

If you wanna buy one of the islands. Go to

Love Actually

My favorite scene from my favorite movie.

If you haven’t seen it, I say go out and get it.

I love Happy Endings most of the time, but wouldn’t it be nice to show that sometimes because of circumstances, you don’t always end up with who you love.

You have to watch the whole movie to get the whole essence of the scene.

If you’ve seen it already then I know you get it.

Its that time of year again

I was overflowing with pride while watching this. With that answer, and with the crowd’s support, Miriam Quiambao could’ve won. But then the Final Question had to be asked. But then again, First Runner Up isn’t so bad.

You & Me by Lifehouse

Love this song. I’m a sucker for these type of songs. This is by Lifehouse who I just love to death. I know I’m sounding like a teenager now. So I should just stop.