Project – Lose the Weight

After my operation last Feb 16, my doctor’s strict orders were for me to go on a soft diet. Hindi ko masiyadong na inquire sa kaniya kung ano ang included sa soft diet kaya I did my best to follow it. I made mashed potatoes from scratch, ate overcooked noodles, oatmeal, lugaw and chicken soup. I missed eating rice with ulam so much. But on the upside of things, I lost weight.

After a week I can squeeze into my size 32 slacks. After 2 weeks feeling ko, feeling ko lang kasi naman I don’t monitor my weight kahit I bought a weighing scale in Ikea a week ago and I don’t check out my waist size too. But I was inspired by the lost of some weight some I decided to pursue it.

I went a walking………

The Corniche was a perfect place for me to do so. It was just opposite from where I lived and had a walking/jogging path, was beside the sea, and green everywhere. I have lived forever here but I have never truly enjoyed a good walk here.

Some amateur photos I took with my phone.

Before I can start, I have to cross this bridge first.

Pasensya medyo blurred ito. I was walking at this point.

The view of the cars from the bridge.

Jogging/Walking path. Ngayon ko lang na appreciate ito.

The view is something great right? Its a great way to clear the head of stress.

Nilakad ko yan hanggang dulo.

Parang gusto kong mag walking everyday…….


One Comment on “Project – Lose the Weight”

  1. robin says:

    congrats on your blog anni!!!

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