A few days ago, a friend told me that someone I knew from a group I belonged to was spreading tsismis about me via his facebook page. I quickly checked what it was knowing that he was a friend in facebook, but as it turns out he has unfriended me. Hence that is why I didnt see the post when he published it.

My first reaction was “Why?”

My second question was “Is this what they call Cyber Bullying?”

I spent a sleepless night and pondered over things for a day. Reactions of friends who knew were mixed, some wanted me to shrug it off, some wanted me to comment on the post to clear my name, some wanted me to have a dialogue with him face to face.

But just last night I have made my decision. I have made clear to myself that I came here to this vast dessert rich with oil to work.  I joined the group for spiritual reasons. It is not included in my priorities to indulge in childish and shallow rumor mongering. But I also do not want to give my Cyber Bully the satisfaction that he has affected me. I have decided to shrug off the issue and to just ignore it.

Hindi ko kailangan ng stress. And besides SAYANG ANG EDUKASYON.


2 Comments on “Priorities”

  1. robin says:

    silence is the better part of valor – but being silent is easier said than done – but as always, with God’s graces, we will have clear understanding and greater appreciation for why these things come to pass

  2. Kapatid, that’s the best thing to do. Ignore the bully. Pretend the bully doesn’t exist, erase him/her off your mind, and if, by chance, you meet in public, treat him/her like a wallpaper. For sure, gagaan ang pakiramdam mo.

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