Bored. today.

Hindi ako masiyasdong productive sa office.

Gusto ko na nga umuwi.

I still have 1 hour and 20 minutes till uwian.

Nag iisip na ako ng excuse sa kasama ko para umuwi ng maaga.

My boss left an hour ago, and I know he’s not going to call.

Gusto ko na umuwi at manood ng ………..


Feel at Home

The walking started a week ago and has been a daily routine of mine. It helped with a lot of things. It cleared my mind of the stress from a failure in the affairs of the heart which I do not want to divulge anymore, because I do not want to relive it another time. And it especially cleared my head of the stress that my Cyber bully has caused.

But let me narrate what happened the week of walking in Corniche that I had:

Day One: I wore jogging pants and a t-shirt expecting I would be sweating (wrong !!!) Dead wrong kasi the air was still cold and it was windy. So instead of sweating, I shivered everytime I slowed down or stopped. I noticed everybody else had headsets on, ay teka why didnt I think of that? I felt like a stranger in a new place and thought that I wasn’t one of them. I walked too slow.

Day Two: Eto na – Jogging Pants (Tsek), Sweatshirt (Tsek), Headset (Tsek) feeling ko belong na ako, pero everybody else were still walking faster than I was, and then I realized it. The beat of the music in my player was slow. Kasi when I was listening to “The Club Can’t Handle me” I was walking faster and my heart was thumping loudly, adrenaline ito !!!

Day Three: Belong na belong na ako. Check na lahat pati playlist ko edited na. Namumukhaan ko na ang regulars and those who were just relaxing in the park. Some even smiled at me dahil baka nakikilala na nila ako from jogging. Uy regular na ako.

Day Four: Since it was a weekend, I was expecting a crowd. Tama ako. The park was overflowing with people. Some were picnicking, some were taking pictures, some relaxing by the water. I even saw and waved to a few people I knew. Pero like the other regulars I just walked by and didn’t stay to chat.

Day Five: After four days of seeing the park overcrowded with people, it was so refreshing to finally see the park quiet and belonged to the joggers/walkers only. Ngayon kilala ko na ang regulars, namumukhaan ko na sila at steady na ang pace ko. But I’m just walking, I do not think I will ever Level Up to running or jogging, masiyadong high impact naman yata for me?

Day Six: At home na ako. But ngayon ko na realize I need new running shoes. Sad pero ginamit ko pa rin. I’m going to have to use my other rubber shoes for walking tonight. And I’m planning on trying wearing shorts for Day 7.

Project – Lose the Weight

After my operation last Feb 16, my doctor’s strict orders were for me to go on a soft diet. Hindi ko masiyadong na inquire sa kaniya kung ano ang included sa soft diet kaya I did my best to follow it. I made mashed potatoes from scratch, ate overcooked noodles, oatmeal, lugaw and chicken soup. I missed eating rice with ulam so much. But on the upside of things, I lost weight.

After a week I can squeeze into my size 32 slacks. After 2 weeks feeling ko, feeling ko lang kasi naman I don’t monitor my weight kahit I bought a weighing scale in Ikea a week ago and I don’t check out my waist size too. But I was inspired by the lost of some weight some I decided to pursue it.

I went a walking………

The Corniche was a perfect place for me to do so. It was just opposite from where I lived and had a walking/jogging path, was beside the sea, and green everywhere. I have lived forever here but I have never truly enjoyed a good walk here.

Some amateur photos I took with my phone.

Before I can start, I have to cross this bridge first.

Pasensya medyo blurred ito. I was walking at this point.

The view of the cars from the bridge.

Jogging/Walking path. Ngayon ko lang na appreciate ito.

The view is something great right? Its a great way to clear the head of stress.

Nilakad ko yan hanggang dulo.

Parang gusto kong mag walking everyday…….


A few days ago, a friend told me that someone I knew from a group I belonged to was spreading tsismis about me via his facebook page. I quickly checked what it was knowing that he was a friend in facebook, but as it turns out he has unfriended me. Hence that is why I didnt see the post when he published it.

My first reaction was “Why?”

My second question was “Is this what they call Cyber Bullying?”

I spent a sleepless night and pondered over things for a day. Reactions of friends who knew were mixed, some wanted me to shrug it off, some wanted me to comment on the post to clear my name, some wanted me to have a dialogue with him face to face.

But just last night I have made my decision. I have made clear to myself that I came here to this vast dessert rich with oil to work.  I joined the group for spiritual reasons. It is not included in my priorities to indulge in childish and shallow rumor mongering. But I also do not want to give my Cyber Bully the satisfaction that he has affected me. I have decided to shrug off the issue and to just ignore it.

Hindi ko kailangan ng stress. And besides SAYANG ANG EDUKASYON.