Me and TMJ Part 5 – The day before my Operation

This is it.

This is really is it na talaga.

I’m undergoing Arthrocentesis Operation tommorow.

Wala nang atrasan ito.

First time naman kasi in my life.

And I never for one second thought I would need it. When I first started going to the doctors to have my TMJ checked, I never thought I would ever have to undergo surgery. Akala ko bibigyan lang ako ng dental splint or maybe botox shots or baka painumin lang ako ng pills? Pero since the doctor said I needed the surgery and my insurance covered it anyway. So payag na rin ako. Pagkatapos kong magtiyaga sa MRI machine for 35 minutes na hindi gumagalaw? Ngayon pa ba ako aatras?

Pero Im scared. (I just dont show it, but I really am)

I joke about it. (But deep inside I’m terrified)

If you don’t see any other posts after this………..

I’ll just see you on the other side.


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