Me and TMJ Part 4

After waiting for 2 weeks for the approval of my insurance to come, I grew impatient. Hindi naman ako excited na magpa opera, I just wanted to know what was happening? Why hasn’t the hospital called me yet? So I decided to call the Insurance Company to try to inquire.  To make the long and irritating story short, the insurance company approved the request for an arthrocentesis, but sent the approval to another branch of the hospital, at another city actually.

After sending the approval to the right hospital, the hospital called and said that the request was approved (surprise surprise) asked me again to come for a Pre Operation something something, so I went. They took samples of my blood, and checked my weight, blood pressure, height, medical history etc etc etc. They explained how the procedure was going to be done and what to expect.

And they gave me this along with a bunch of other stuff

Good luck sa akin.


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