A Sigh of Relief


Everybody in the office were stressed for 3 weeks .

We were going to be audited again. (we meaning me and my files)

The External Auditor from ISO was scheduled to come 31 May 2010.

I did my share and prepared my files as carefully as I could.

Kung lagyan ko kaya ng beads at sequins at gamitin ay pink scented paper?

Do you think it would make a difference?

This is the second time I am participating in an External Audit. I know that my files get the most attention, hindi naman dahil special ang files ko, kasi S.O.P. lang yun. To make the long story short, the auditor came.

Dito niya inexamine ng slight lang naman ang mga files ko.

Tinatawag niya ako from time to time asking me to explain.

Define Stress…………

After weeks of preparing natapos na rin ang External Audit at makakahinga na rin ako ng maluwag. I just need to follow some advices and suggestions from the Auditor. When I got the auditor all to myself, I asked him secretly. “What did you think of my files?” He said plainly, “I thought your files were organized, but I didn’t have to go through them one by them since I observed that you knew them by heart”. I smiled. Pero kahit kagabi ay hindi ko pa rin masiyadong ma conclude kung positive ba or negative ang comment niya?

Anyway, this is where my boss congratulated me for a job well done.

Sabi ko sa kanya “Does this mean I get a raise?”

Tinaasan lang niya ako ng kilay.

Thank God the External Audit is finally over and done with. And I just realized its Tuesday already. Yey !!! Tommorow’s my last day of work. I think I desserve to go the beach this weekend.


4 Comments on “A Sigh of Relief”

  1. robinriyadh says:

    sabi nga ni martha, it’s a good thing!

  2. BlogusVox says:

    Mahirap talaga pag ISO ang nag-audit. Sa HQ namin, everybody are on their toes everytime there’s an audit from ISO. Dyan kasi makikita ang antas ng kompanya nyo kung compliant ba sa international standard.

  3. hi!
    how are you?
    compliment yung comment nung auditor! good job! musta ang BITCH este BEACH pala?
    uy! include my new blog on your Blogroll naman! 😉 miss you!

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