Medyo cheesy ako today.

I woke up and trned on the tv and Nyoy Volante was being introduced by Ginger Conejero in Umagang Kay Ganda Jam Sessions. Instead of hurrying to shower, I paused and listened to the lyrics. I knew of the song, pero hearing it first thing after waking up made me cheesy……….


by Nyoy Volante


Someday you’re gonna realize

One day you’ll see this through my eyes

By then I won’t even be there

I’ll be happy somewhere

Even if I cared

I know you don’t really see my worth

You think you’re the last girl on earth

Well I’ve got news for you

I know I’m not that strong

But it won’t take long

Won’t take long

‘Coz Someday someone’s gonna love me

The way I wanted you to need me

Someday someone’s gonna take your place

One day I’ll forget about you

You’ll see I won’t even miss you

Someday someday

Right now I know you can tell

I’m down and I’m not doing well

But one day these tears they will all run dry

I won’t have to cry sweet goodbye

Coz’ someday someone’s gonna love me

The way I wanted you to need me

Someday someone’s gonna take your place

oohh.. One day I’ll forget about you

You’ll see I won’t even miss you

someday i know someone’s gonna be there

Someday someone’s gonna love me

The way I wanted you to need me

Someday someone’s gonna take your place

One day I’ll forget about you

You’ll see I won’t even miss you

Someday someday..


now i cant get it off my head !!!!! 


The Hard Truth About Being an OFW

While I was lounging at the flat last weekend, a blog idea suddenly occurred to me.  I should write something about being an OFW. The hard truth of being one. There may be some blog posts that have discussed on the topic. But I want to share my own take on being an OFW myself. Since I am an OFW myself, I guess I can call myself an expert on the topic. (Kidding……………)

I consider myself lucky. I work in a reputable company and I am taken cared of. My salary can be considered average. I earn more than most, but still there are a lot who earn more than me.  The points I will share are my own. They may vary from others but generally, I speak from experience.

* Being an OFW is hard. It really is. Being separated from Famiy –  Its the hardest.  I don’t like getting sick, the slightest hint of a fever and I go Over Acting on Preventing it. My reason? Kasi walang mag aalaga sa akin. Ang hirap kayang magkasakit ng mag isa. I have a flatmate, but ofcourse he won’t skip work to take care of me and I won’t ask that from him except if I’m dying.

* Tao din po kami. Kumustahin niyo naman kami. I personally love receiving text messages from home. I text using chikkatext and I love it when they reply. When I get an email from anybody back home I make sure that I include them in my list to be given pasalubong. I just hate it when I see someone when I am on vacation asking for pasalubong, when in fact he/she didn’t even bother to send me a How are you email or text the whole time I was abroad.

* We would like to get a Thank You as an acknowledgment that you received the money we sent. Picture this, when you need money you send us texts, emails and call us countless of times to check if we can send money. But as soon as we send the money, we wouldn’t hear anything anymore? Sana naman may text acknowledgment man lang na natanggap na ang pera. Siyempre nag aalala din naman kami.

* I have made inquiries several times with the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh. All of the times I have called, the person asks me to call another number, and the process repeats itself a number of times before I get frustrated and give up. At ang siste, masungit pa sila ha? Ugh! That’s as far as I would go. But the point I am trying to make is, “the purpose of the Embassy’s employees being there in the first place is to serve the Filipinos in whatever way they can”. Sana lang maalala nila yon the next time a Filipino citizen asks for their help.

* Affected pa rin kami. No matter how many times we have come come and gone, naiiyak pa rin kami everytime aalis kami. I never try to hide the fact that I cry every departure from Manila. Hindi naman ako nag iisa. Many passengers going back to wherever has puffy eyes.

* No matter how good we are in our jobs. We are indispensable. Kayang kaya kaming palitan. Maybe some people don’t realize this pero everybody is indispensable. Kaya hindi tayo puwedeng magmayabang na hindi tatakbo ang opisina kapag wala tayo.

* Some contracts are changed. A 1 year contract you agreed to in Manila may turn into a 2 year contract here. May mga companies na ganyan dito. Para sa mga hindi masiyadong suwerte they would have to honor the contract or else pay for their own ticket going home.

Ay naku, napagod na ang aking mga kamay kakatype pero hindi pa rin tapos ang amo ko kakatalak sa telepono. Hindi ko tuloy mai-close ng maayos ang post na ito.

In summary, feeling ko bitter ako sa post na ito. Ewan ko nga ba?

And its only the second day of the workweek.

Extra Challenge

It was Wednesday afternoon. The bosses were at a Travel Show. Meaning colleague and I were just willing 5pm to come so we can both start our weekend. When the phone rang. Boss wanted to give out flyers to all our outlets. All 6 boxes of them !!! ASAP.

So meaning I had to sort out all the flyers and get them out of our office before Saturday. Parang simple lang kung iisipin. So I started the work.

Oh gosh………

Ang daming flyers…………

Flyers from another angle.

Bernard came and I told him to pose with the flyers.

Game naman siya.

As always.

After much thought.

Nagawan ko naman ng solution ang aking Challenge.

I put the flyers in boxes for the outlets.

I emailed them to collect the flyers from me.

By the time I was done, it was almost 5pm.


Store Brand versus Name Brand

After work the other day I remembered that I was running out of rice, coffee and creamer. (Hindi kumpleto ang morning kapag walang coffee di ba?) Atsaka paminsan minsan kailangan kong kabahan naman. So I decided to drop by Tamimi Safeway Supermarket which is where I almost always go for my groceries, since its the nearest to my flat.

I ignored the shopping cart and grabbed basket since I was well aware that my financial state right now is not at its best. (Since my break up with Visa, cash na lang ako palagi, ang problema ay medyo shortage sa cash nowadays eh) I knew the supermarket almost by heart so I quickly went to the aisle where they displayed the rice. After taking the rice I normally buy, I went to the aisle where they displayed coffee. I was also aware that it was almost prayer time so I knew I had to rush. In Tamimi, since familiar face na nga ako, they let me in even during Prayer Time, but I still have to wait for prayer time to finish to pay since there were no cashiers.

I was going to get my usual Nescafe and Coffeemate but saw that there was another bottle labeled Tamimi Gold Coffee. I checked its price and it was cheaper than the usual Nescafe I bought. Okay ito. So I compared the two bottles. Name Brand versus Store Brand.

Here is my usual Nescafe Gold. (Name Brand)

Kilala ang name.

Maganda rin ang packaging.

And here is Tamimi Gold Coffee (Store Brand)

Hindi naman Fab ang packaging, pero hindi naman kawawa.

At made in Brazil siya ha?

Mga kamag anak ni Priscilla Meirelles ang gumawa. Hahahahaha

After my first cup of coffee with Tamimi Gold, I can give my personal view. Hindi naman siya papahuli. Most people would probably say that Name Brands are better but personally I say that the only difference is the price. But quality is the same and taste is not much far from my usual cup of Nescafe.

But this is not true for all the store brands. Some paper towels are not as strong as Name Brands. I have tried Store Brand Detergent once upon a time and I didn’t notice any difference.

The truth of the matter may be that Name Brands are more attractive because of their better packaging. And they cost more because of the money spent on Advertising.

In the end, it is still up to the consumer whether they want to buy Name Brands or Store Brands. But we know which is the cheaper of the two.

Farmville named as one of Time’s 50 Worst Inventions

I have a facebook account.

And yes, I have a farm in Farmville.

I have neighbors and I enjoy visiting and helping out my neighbors with their farm.

I enjoy plowing, planting, harvesting and expanding my farm. As a matter of fact just last weekend, I was able to expand my farm into a Mighty Plantation. But my cash has dwindled to just a meager 31,000 so I visited my neighbors and helped out on their farm to earn some coins and XPs.

I just plow and plant and harvest and collect eggs.

I never knew that there were cheats?

Take a look at this book.

Whenever people joke about Farmville I just smile. I can relate because even if I cannot be considered a Farmville addict, I do feel a certain excitement when I know that my crops will be harvested and whenever I go up a level.  So when I stumbled upon this, I was a little surprised.

Time magazine recently released its list of “The 50 Worst Inventions”, counting popular Facebook game application Farmville among “one of the world’s bright ideas that just didn’t work out.”

Time bemoaned Farmville’s “mindlessness,” pointing out the game’s repetitive nature even as it begrudgingly acceded that the virtual farm app is “the most addictive of Facebook games”.

“(Farmville) is hardly even a game —it’s more a series of mindless chores on a digital farm, requiring the endless clicking of a mouse to plant and harvest crops,” Time said.

Still, Time noted that “more than 10% of Americans” log into Farmville, citing statistics from the game’s developer, Zynga.

Also included on Time’s list of worst inventions are such bizarre creations as the Electric Facial Mask and Venetian-Blind Sunglasses, as well as those banes of online existence, Spam E-mail and Pop-Up Ads.

For me as an OFW, we have to have some sort of hobby. May it be sports, or photography or whatever. For me, Farmville is a hobby. I like going home and knowing that I will harvest my crops that I planted the day before. Its relaxing for me. It somehow gives me another outlet apart from work. And many of my friends have farms too so we talk about it from time to time.

Walang kasalanan ang Farmville.

Huwag ninyong apihin.

I lifted this off from, this is really funny. Its not mine and I do not take credit for it.

Signs that FARMVILLE has taken over my life.

 -i get up an hour early to check on my crops.

– i try to rush home from work in time to harvest my crops before they start to wither because fuuuuuck if i lose out on all those farmville coins then i’m never gonna be able to buy the farmville manor of my dreams.  

-fuck it, i’m not gonna lie – I FARM AT WORK.

-instead of asking how my day was, my boyfriend now asks me how my rice plants are doing.

-i’m reconnecting with old friends by sending them green hay bales and making new friends by raking up scattered leaves.

-my new life goals include: buying a barn and raising horses.

-i can now appreciate the beauty of real-life pumpkin patches.

-i know what fallow means.

oh good lord, what have i become??

O Tukso….. Layuan mo ako..

Before I attended to my Household Chores during the weekend, a friend invited me to check out the latest Sale in Rashid Mall. Since I only had my laundry to look forward to I decided to come with him. We went to Sara Fashion Village, they had Salvatorre Ferragamo, and other brands na hindi na kinaya ng powers ko na maalala, siguro kasi gutom na ako that time? They are located at the Ground Floor of the AlRashid Mall, Alkhobar.

This is what welcomed us.

Very inviting di ba?


Since it was still Prayer Time when we arrived, the stores were still closed.

Nakakita ako ng chance. Matagal ko na itong gustong gawin.

Moment ko na ito.

Nagpa-picture ako

Hindi nga lang ako makita, pero ako yan.

Hindi ako contented sa unang picture.

Eto mas malapit.

After prayer time, the stores opened and we saw what they had on Sale

Pasensya medyo malabo, aligaga ako ng mga panahong yan.

Ang mga shoes……………….

85% discount daw

Eto ang binabalik balikan kong shoe from Ferragamo.

I liked it sooooo much.

It was 85% off from its regular price of SAR 3,100

SAR 465 na lang sana.

Buti na lang at nakapag pigil pa rin ako.

Or else hindi na ako kakain for one month.

Touched by these Photos

Slow day at the office.

I found some photos by Steve McCurry.

I was really touched by these photos.

To see more awesome photos taken by Steve McCurry, visit his blog at and enjoy looking at his work.