Mall Hopping

Okay I admit it. I am trying to avoid going to the malls. I just got back from vacation and my budget is not necessarily mall-friendly. But it was a weekend and Friendship Theo wanted to have dinner before he left for vacation. So its the mall it is.

We first went to Lulu Hypermarket.

Hunger got the best of us so we drove to Mall of Dharan where we ate at Chillis again. After dinner, we visited some of the stores.

Saw this at Zara. Wanted it soooo much.

Kaya lang mahal siya for my budget.

We checked River Island.

My office bag is still on display. 

In Topman I liked a bag on display, and it was on sale.

But up close, it wasn’t sturdy enough for me.

Mannequins of Topman (very lifelike sila di ba?)

We realized that it was almost 11pm so we called it a night. I was wearing my office shoes again, so my feet were really kawawa that night.


I wish the Rumors were true…

After Charice mysteriously begged off to answer what her upcomings projects in Hollywood were coming up, rumors of a Charice appearance on the Second Season of Glee surfaced and I could not be any happier than anybody else at the prospect of Charice (my favorite) appearing on Glee (my favorite).



But the rumors weren’t true. (Sad)

Charice tweeted on the issue:


Philippine Daily Inquirer even had a column on the news with Charice’s Road Manager/Handler confirmation on the issue. But Charice had cleared up the air and even though its a little disappointing, its not the end of the world.


On a different note, I’ve started tweeting. Medyo lost pa ako, but I hope I get the hang of it soon. And related to Charice, Im such a fan talaga. I’ve sent a tweet for her (is that when they call it) as you can see below. Hahahahahaha.


Kahit ako nakornihan sa sarili ko.

My Desktop Photos

These are some of the photos I alternately use as my Desktop Photo. I sometimes see my boss staring at my desktop whenever he would pass by my desk and I would not be using my pc. I think enjoys looking at them too. All he needs to do is ask if he wants me to email them to him so he can use them too on his PC.

Don’t you just love the colors on this?

I like a colorful desktop.

This is a Photoshopped picture.

But it still makes people who see my desktop look twice.

This is the one I am using at present.

Cute baby relieves tension.

And lastly, this also relieves much of the tension of working.

I’ve got a Stiffie

I woke up in good spirits.

I was intent to follow a friend’s advice to wake up and smile. And face myself in the mirror and shout “Good Morning Gorgeous!”

But I just couldn’t do it today.

I have a Stiff Neck.

I might’ve been in a bad position during sleep. I mean, I couldn’t blame it on anything else since I was fine before bedtime.  I also blame it on the pillow I used, I was used to sleeping with a less fluffier pillow than the one I used last night. So maybe that was the culprit.

I’ve been searching online on how to relieve a stiff neck and I found a couple of useful information:  (From Wisegeek)

Most people experience a stiff neck every now and then. While the condition is typically nothing to worry about and does not require medical care in most cases, it can be, quite literally, a pain in the neck. Luckily, there are many ways to soothe a stiff neck and speed up recovery.

One way to relieve a stiff neck is to take some of the pressure off your neck muscles. You can wear a soft cervical collar, available where medical supplies are sold, or place a rolled up towel in your shirt collar for extra support, pinning the ends snug around your neck. Sleep on your back with a pillow supporting the curve of your spine.

Relaxing the muscles with a hot shower, massage, or gentle stretches can help relieve a stiff neck as well. A hot water bottle or hot compress, made by soaking a towel in hot water, can also be applied to a stiff neck to aid relaxation. Try adding aromatherapeutic herbs or oils to the compress.

The pain of a stiff neck does not usually go away immediately with the above methods, so over-the-counter painkillers such as aspirin or ibuprofen can be useful. They can also reduce swelling and make relaxation easier, as it can be difficult to consciously relax the muscles when one is in pain.

If you find yourself suffering from a stiff neck regularly, you may wish to examine and improve your daily habits. Stress, poor posture, and exposure to drafts are all common causes of a stiff neck. Take time out of every day to relax or do something you enjoy, even if only for a few minutes. Stay away from drafts or wear a scarf in chilly weather, and make sure the shocks in your car are working properly to keep your neck from being jolted around while you drive.

Poor posture can be improved with regular stretching and strength exercises. You can perform many of these at your desk, on the bus, or while watching television for just a few minutes out of each hour during the day. If you make an effort to hold your neck comfortably, it will eventually become second nature. Keep your work, such as your computer screen, at a level that allows you to hold your head normally to see it. Avoid activities that compress your neck, such as holding a phone between your head and shoulder.

In some cases, a stiff neck may require medical attention. If the pain does not improve after 24 hours, or if it gets worse, consult a doctor. Other signs of danger are pain spreading to other areas, headache, drowsiness, fever, numbness, or confusion. If you experience any of these problems along with a stiff neck, they may be signs of a serious condition, and it is imperative to seek medical help as soon as possible.

I don’t think this is anything serious. But I still wish it will go away soon.

.I gulped down some pain relievers this morning and have been doing some neck exercises to help my neck get used to movement. With luck, my stiffie would go away soon.

The Curse

How would you feel if you were driving leisurely, just enjoying the scenery, even singing to the music of the when suddenly a car out of nowhere appears and cuts you off !!! P@#* What the F*** do you think you’re doing A**hole !!!!!!!!!! Mabangga ka sana !!!!!

Wouldn’t you be cursing him too the same way that I did?

I was driving in Corniche on my way to M’s place to give the laptop that I just had reformatted. I was careful not to drive fast since I had food in the passenger seat and I didn’t want food spilling all over the seat covers. I had spilled sinigang before and even after so many weeks, my car reeked of sinigang whenever I would enter it.

Damn that driver. He must be in real hurry or maybe out of his mind.

But when I came nearer the stoplight, I saw that there was an accident, and yes! It was the same car that cut me off. Bigla tuloy akong kinabahan at baka effective ang aking sumpa?

The photo is not the car I cursed. This is just shown for dramatic purposes.

I felt guilty for uttering the words I said earlier.



I usually sleep early during Friday nights since it was a practice of mine to sleep late during Wednesday nights and Thursday nights for I had no work the next day, but Friday night meant that I had work the next day so I sleep early para fresh and tight ang aking skin the next day. But around 10:30pm an Inconsiderate Acquaintance called me, I wonder who gave him my number and asked if he could come and copy movies from me. WHAT !!!!!!  At that hour? I told him sorry I had work the next day and had to sleep.

I thought that was the end of the story.

Inconsiderate Acquaintance called me around the same time again last night, and this time I recognized the number and didn’t bother to answer anymore. Pero he was persistent ha? Inconsiderate Acquaintance kept calling and kept calling. He called first time around 10:15pm, then again at 10:20pm then again at 10:45pm, then again at 11:30pm, then again at 11:45pm, then again at 12:05 am then lastly at 12:35 am.


I swear, he is never going to copy any of my movies. 

The Heat !!! The Heat !!!

Summer has really arrived.

Over the weekend, we were moving offices to the more spacious office down the hall. So my colleague and I were busy Wednesday afternoon and took turns Thursday. He wanted to come Thursday morning which worked perfect for me since I had a lot of household chores to do before I could even think of doing anything else. So I came by Thursday after lunch.

Here’s my previous desk.

With my awards stacked near me. Joke lang !!!

And here’s where Im supposed to be working now.

Notice the biscuit on my desk?


Anyway, so I chose to come in the afternoon right? I think I may have made the wrong decision since I parked my car in a spot where there was no shade, so just imagine the heat that I had to endure when I had to start my car. And since, I didn’t own a brand new car, so it took a while to cool down. And add to that, I had to go out of the office several times in the blazing sun so when I got home, I felt sick.

I had invitations to go to a Beach Party as well as a Birthday Party, both of which I was absent to. The reason? I was stuck in bed. The only reason I got up was because I had to turn off my laptop since I didn’t like sleeping with íts glare and to close my curtains.

I still feel sick but I couldn’t miss work, and I had to pick up M at the bus station since M was coming from Manila. New rule: I’m never coming out of my airconditioned room at that time of the day anymore. And buy a new car (lets sing altogether now “Hindi bawal mangarap ang mahirap!).

So now I’m here at my new table, nose runny and all and with a slight body ache.  Lord give me strength to endure till 5pm.

My Break Up

Dear Visa,

This is a very hard thing for me to say. I have thought long and hard about this. I didn’t have to consult my friends because I know how they feel about you. They like you too. But I have to say it now or else I would not have the courage to say what I have to say. “I’m Breaking up with you”.

For so many years, you have given me pleasure and pain as well (at the end of the month when I receive the statement of account). But now, I feel that our relationship has to end. I do not feel tingly inside anymore at the thought of you. All I see is the dent you have caused my bank account. The heartache and the sleepless nights that you gave me.

I will always remember the good times we shared in Ikea. How happy we were in Aldo. How inseparable we seemed while checking out the sale in Zara. How proud I flashed you in River Island, Topman, Next, Debenhams, Mr. Price Home. You were even there while I was hungrily checking out good bargains in Centrepoint. Mall of Asia was Retail Heaven for us while I was vacationing in Manila. You gleamed like a Beacon of light everytime I went to Safeway to buy my groceries.  I will always remember you whenever I use my Red HP laptop.

But enough is enough IS ENOUGH.

I will always be indebted to you (in the real sense of the word).

It’s not you. It’s me. I have the problem. And now, its time for me to move on and pay up.

I know I cut you in half but this may be the best decision for me.

I don’t think we can be friends. Its time for me to say goodbye. And please don’t tell your friend Mastercard to call me. I am not interested to talk to any of your friends. Regardless of what you may say, this is hard for me.



P.S. Please don’t bother sending another to replace you. I will also cut the replacement in half.