Bad (Half) Day

It seemed to me that everything that could go wrong, did go wrong this morning. My car wouldnt start, so I hailed a taxi to work.  My email doesn’t seem to care that I had to send email announcements/reminders to our outlets. Internet comes and goes. And the phone lines sometimes cooperates but most of the time doesn’t. My morning was completely ruined.

But a colleague offered to look at my car during lunchtime. So we went, and I started the car. Hallelujah !!! My car’s engine went to life. Thank God !!!

So my day may be salvaged yet. And since I’m in a jolly enough mood. I’m sharing our pics from my Blackberry Hunting/Purchasing trip and Dinner with Friendship Theo. 

The end photo shows a familiar face too.

Here’s Friendship Theo checking Blackberry Bold

Sinusuring mabuti bago magbayad.

Celebration ito at Chilli’s to welcome the new Blackberry to Theo’s life.

Sumunod si Friendship Charlie sa Chilli’s

Kasama din si Friendship Richard

Ang Senadora, magpapahuli ba?

Na-miss niyo ba siya?

Eto pa ang isa.


4 Comments on “Bad (Half) Day”

  1. theonoski says:

    mabuhay si senadora!

  2. bobot says:

    Pretty bad day for yah ha?

    Good to see senadora strikes a familiar pose once again hahaha!

  3. maelfatalis is in the sky with diamonds says:

    Sa totoo lang, mas ok yung magsisimula sa pangit ang araw mo then biglang magiging masaya kesa punumpuno ka ng kaligayahan sa umpisa tapos bigla biglang babawiin sa iyo bago matapos ang araw.

    Magandang umaga! 🙂

  4. Bam says:

    gusto kong makilala si senador… kaloka!!!

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