First Post 2010

More than a year after my last post, I find myself blogging again. I wanted to try blogging again, sinubukan ko nga, and now I am having a hard time. I am not familiar with blogging anymore. This would take some getting used to again. Pero may excitement ulit. May thrill that I would be sharing my adventures and misadventures with others.

I reviewed the previous posts I made and found a lot of changes in my life. I noticed that it seems to me that every year for the last four years, I move to a different office. The first year I transferred to the Eastern Province, I was in the Holidays Section, enjoy naman ako dun kasi that was my field but when it closed I moved to Srilankan Airlines. Then another year passed and I moved again. Now to the Administration of Srilankan Airlines.  And then again last year I moved to the Administration of the Travel Agency where I work.

My position now seems to be the highest position I have held. Im keeping my fingers crossed that I wont have to move to another office if in case our Flag Carrier beckons. But that is a different story entirely.

I can safely say that I have changed in many ways, but I remain the same person. Sabi nga ni Jose Mari Chan, “life is a constant change, and nothing stays the same”

Sana lang, this time I can blog regularly again.

Here are some recent pictures I have taken.

Eto ako with Friendship Jollibee.

Here with friends in Al Baher Beach Villas

With friends at the Judas Cave in Hofuf

Solo shot at the Beach


5 Comments on “First Post 2010”

  1. hmmmm! Iteresting ang sinabi mo kasi pinakain mo naman ako ng kare-kare, lol! Bakit mo naisipang magblog ulit? Mukhang interesado akong makinig sa mga sasabihin mo.

  2. robinriyadh says:

    welcome back kapatid!

  3. yehey, d charmed one is back! ako rin naman, on-and-off palagi sa blogging e… looking forward to your future posts!!!

  4. Dencio says:

    Ang ganda ng Judas Cave! Nice place to go. Salamat for making me part of your blog. Ang gwapo ko talaga!

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