Im almost there

I can almost feel the humidity in the air.

I can almost smell the smoke from the smoke belchers.

I can already imagine the sweat from my brows.

Manila here I come.

Malapit ko na itong makita.

Okay well, the picture above doesnt show me in NAIA but its in the airport as well.  Before I leave, my special thanks to friendships who have made  the past year fun, laughter-filled, and  exciting.

To Richard, I know the last year was a little challenging from you, naka 4 companies ka in less than a year? I think that’s another record. Our lunches at the AlBandariya Towers will always be remembered fondly.

To Mike D., for your gift of prayers. Thank you for teaching me how to pray the rosary. I will forever be indebted to you for that. And for putting up with all my complaints no matter how trivial they are. I always smile when I remember the time I quarreled with M and we were having dinner. Mainit ang ulo ko that time and M kept on calling.  To cut the long story short, support ka pa rin kahit na ang babaw ng eksena ko that time.

To Rene, Good luck sa iyong paglilipat ng network. Napagod ka nang maging Kapuso, sana maging succesful ka na Kapatid.  Thanks for being a friend. I know baka hindi na kita maabutan dito pagbalik ko. So Good Luck and God Bless.

To Bads, thanks for showing me the importance of being wise with money. Idol talaga kita. And thanks for lending me your terrabyte, Im just wondering kung kailan na naman makukuha ang mediacom sa bahay ko?

To Still (aka Sen Jamby M), thanks for sharing your talent of cooking. Makikinig ka sa mga payo ng mga tiyahin mo. And dont worry, when I get back. Ihahanap na kita ng lovelife. At tuturuan na rin kita ng ibang poses kapag pini picture-an. Gagawin ko iyang mission sa buhay.

To Dennis, isa ka pang magulo ang lovelife. Thanks for eh ano nga bang ipag thank you ko sa iyo eh palagi ka namang nawawala sa eksena? Hmmm. Mag iisip muna ako. I’ll get back to you on this.

To Friendship Theo, thanks for the countless emails that entertains me here in the office. Thanks for the dinners at Chilli’s and thanks for the friendship. Sana mag comment ka pa regularly sa blog ko.

Thanks Bernard sa palaging pagsama sa pag iikot. And for helping me renovate my room and my storage room. And for everything else.

I’ll see you all when I get back. In the meantime, enjoy yourselves and take care of yourselves while I’m gone.


First day of the Workweek

Work na naman…….

10 days more of work till my vacation.

Gotta endure.

Bad (Half) Day

It seemed to me that everything that could go wrong, did go wrong this morning. My car wouldnt start, so I hailed a taxi to work.  My email doesn’t seem to care that I had to send email announcements/reminders to our outlets. Internet comes and goes. And the phone lines sometimes cooperates but most of the time doesn’t. My morning was completely ruined.

But a colleague offered to look at my car during lunchtime. So we went, and I started the car. Hallelujah !!! My car’s engine went to life. Thank God !!!

So my day may be salvaged yet. And since I’m in a jolly enough mood. I’m sharing our pics from my Blackberry Hunting/Purchasing trip and Dinner with Friendship Theo. 

The end photo shows a familiar face too.

Here’s Friendship Theo checking Blackberry Bold

Sinusuring mabuti bago magbayad.

Celebration ito at Chilli’s to welcome the new Blackberry to Theo’s life.

Sumunod si Friendship Charlie sa Chilli’s

Kasama din si Friendship Richard

Ang Senadora, magpapahuli ba?

Na-miss niyo ba siya?

Eto pa ang isa.

This Excited Me

After coming home from a late night outing with friends, I wasnt surprised anymore that I woke up late and had a headache. Growing old is starting to get on my nerves. So I rushed out of the door, I see that one of my tires is flat. (Great timing) I get it fixed and rushed to work. I check the clock on the dashboard since I was rushing, I forgot to wear a wristwatch, and it says 8:10 am. Gawd, I’m already late. What a way to start the day.

When I got to my desk, I turned on the pc and checked my mails, replied to some mails, and sent my normal good morning mails to friends and checked my blog. I was given an award !!!

Oh gosh, I dont know what to say.

Thank you, thank you to Sreisaat who has been in my links forever.  It feels great to be tagged after not blogging for a year. So I’ll try my best to follow the required 7 revelations about myself in another post, but the other requirement of tagging 15 other Beautiful Bloggers might be hard for me to meet. But I’ll surely try.

Thanks again to Beautiful Blogger Awardee Sreisaat.

Blog Maintenance Update

Since I started blogging again, I have noticed a lot of things. Ang dami ko nang hindi alam sa pagba blog. Sometimes nahihiya ulit ako to spill something about me. And I hope my grammar still passes. Spelling sana oks din. 48 years ako bago makapag insert ng photos, tapos nung na-insert na ang image sa post, mali ang pagka lagay ko, gusto ko sana center eh mali pala nagawa ko?

Tapos, I checked my links, iyong mga nagco-comment sa akin before madalas atsaka mga friendships ko na rin sa pagba blog – karamihan sa kanila either hindi na na-maintain ang blogs siguro sa kabusyhan sa career or something, and the rest ay non-existent na. Kaya kumokonti nang kumokonti na rin ang links ko. Tinatanggal ko na rin iyong mga hindi ko kakilala. Atsaka some which I found interesting before, pero ngayon hindi na.

Nagpalit din ako ng header, kasi medyo kalumaan na ang header ko, I think I changed it a year and a half before? I’m still doing a little tweaking here and there. I am just sorry that I did not blog regularly for the past year and a half and I am hoping that I can continually blog even if for my sake only. Sana sipagin pa ako. Proud ako that my blog started a long time ago, Feb 2007 if I am not mistaken. And still exists.

This used to be my Blog Header. Marami na rin akong nagamit after this pero medyo memorable ito.

Here’s hoping for more traffic and more comments.


We met thru work.

We were almost 500 kilometers apart but kept in touch by phone.

He called me most of the time because my boss is moving to their office and asked me details. When we first met, he was welcoming, but awkward. When I moved to the same area where he was based, we did not become close immediately. I felt like he was always sizing me up.

When he had a serious medical condition, I assisted him. But check ups and hospital visits became more regular. After 2 operations, countless visits to the hospital, regular dinners and lunches. We became like family.

When he went home last February 5 to seek medical condition in the Philippines, I expected the worst.

February 24, 2010.  1pm Manila Time.  Tito Tony lost his battle to cancer.

I knew this was coming, it wasn’t a surprise anymore.

But my sadness surprised me.

Goodbye Tito Tony.

You will be missed.

My New Phone

This is not me bragging.

I didn’t buy any hightech/expensive phone.

But when I do get an Iphone you can expect me to brag about it here.

I got tired of trying to figure out on how to use the Nokia E71. Its really hard to do anything with its small keypad and my big stubby fingers ( hindi sila nag match). So I decided to trade it in for something simpler and a little less challenging for my fingers to navigate. I wanted to ask a friend to come with me for the transaction I was about to make, baka lang makatulong kapag may support at second opinion, pero I decided to go alone (baka tamarin pa siya sa tagal kong mag decide).

I traded in my old Nokia E71 which I hardly ever use anyway since I really had difficulty using its small keypad. Blame my stubby fingers for not appreciating technology.

After much haggling, bargaining and a lot of flirting, well you cant blame me for trying to use charm right? If it serves the greater good then a sacrifice has to be made. A little himas here and there wouldn’t hurt. A little giggle every now and then might help too.

Anyway, after everything has been compared, poked, pressed. This is what I got.  Its a Sony Ericson K7701. Its much more lightweight than the Nokia E71 and well Im used to Sony Ericson anyway.

The Sony Ericson is still much better than this.

This is the Nokia phone I was using before, bigay ito ni M kasi nga ayaw makisama ng other Sony Ericson K70i na bigay niya rin . But now Im confusing you.