Were almost about to say goodbye to 2008. And about to welcome 2009.

I have a lot to be thankful this year. I got a car, gifted myself with a new laptop and those are just the material stuff. Career wise was so so. Lovelife was booming this year I’m happy to update. Financially speaking, a little down maybe because of the fact that I took a loan to get the car, but on the other hand, super duper malaking pakinabang sa akin ang kotse – so kyems lang.

Tis the time to assess and reassess what good and bad and maybe ugly things I did during the year. I am proud to say that I still help out my Mom financially and it gives me pleasure to do so being physically absent I make up by trying to compensate financially. I can say that I was a good friend. But I have done my fair share of pagmamaldita too. As well as some not so wholesome deeds.

All in all, 2008 was good to me, some bumps here and there. But I survived.  Although I must admit, sometimes I seriously doubted that I would. But I’m still here aren’t  I?

Thank God.

Resolutions? I promise I will be skinnier next year. Yun lang.

I’m more excited and looking forward to 2009 as M and I have a lot of plans.


Im Almost Home


I’m going home to the Philippine Islands once again.

But this time I’m not excited. I’m happy to see my family once again but the expenses there is something I am not looking forward to. Contrary to popular notion, OFWs like myself sometimes have a hard time going home. The expenses back home sometimes is just so overwhelming and since were home and not working, lahat ng pera palabas at walang papasok.

But apart from that, masaya ako na makakauwi, and I will be attending M’s son’s 2nd birthday party. Excited ako to meet his family at dadalhin ko na rin Mommy ko dahil baka lang naman puwede na siyang mamanhikan? Chos! Ofcourse, happy din ako to spend my birthday with my Mom and brother.

I hope to see my friends too. And maybe just maybe try to enjoy.