Six Inspirational Quotes to Live by

1. Lahat ng Problema may solusyon, kung walang solusyon, wag mo na problemahin.

2. Always remember, kung kaya ng iba, ipagawa mo sa kanila. Don’t force yourself, make life easier.

3. Hindi lahat ng guwapo may girlfriend …. ang iba sa kanila may boyfriend.

4. Dont face your problem if your problem is your face. ….. umiwas sa lahat ng bagay na nakakaaninag — salamin, microwave oven, stainless steel na kaldero, kutsara, tinidor, magpokus sa mga letra kapag nasa harap ng computer screen.

5. Di bale nang tamad, di naman pagod.

6. Practice makes perfect but nobody’s perfect so dont practice.


Silliness just takes over me whenever I am depressed.


I’m Back

I’m back.

No Marching Band playing, no confetti falling from the sky, no applause. Just plain and simple. I’m back.

The only explanation for my absencfe? I moved from my former office to another office. And at the new office, I did not have an Internet Connection. I still don’t have an Internet Connection at work, but I now have an Internet Connection at home so I am connected again.

So much has happened, so many changes – some good and others not so good. First of all, I now have a car, its not a brand new car but it works well and looks good enough. Second, I work in a new office again where I am the only Filipino amongst Sri Lankans. Third, my new laptop that needs new programs. Fourth, well my lovelife now is so so so so much better – but that’s entirely another topic.


I came back to Alkhobar last March 2008 from vacation to find that my formwer office has already been closed. It wasn’t a surprise for me anymore since we all knew it was going to close. So I was trasnferred to Sri Lankan Airlines where I was assigned to the counter reservations for at least six months, after which the Personal Assistant to the Manager resigned and they asked me to replace him since I had the experience. So that is where I am now.

I missed blogging. I know I am rusty and feel like I am new at this again. So many changes, so many blogs to see. So many blogs to see and comment. And i feel like I dont make sense anymore.

Fast Forward.

I still live in the same flat. My flatmate Eric has left for vacation and didn’t come back so now I live with my former flatmate again. I just had my Leave Application approved and signed. I am going home for vacation again on January 1, 2009. I have a new Boss as well, the former manager finished his tenure so the new Manager came.

My apologies to everybody who missed me.