7 days to go and I still can’t believe I am not that excited.

Don’t get me wrong, I am excited to go home, kaya lang mababang level of excitement lang. I am thinking of something else. Something trivial and unimportant but it’s actually taking up most of my idle moments. I have phone calls about it. I even dreamed of it, which means that even my subconscious is invaded by trivial thoughts. Which means I have Low IQ. Which means I am not a genius as I tell everybody. But enough of that.

Tonight, I might have Rob from Riyadh as houseguests. I have to prepare for that first. Then Friday I have a lunch despedida with friends in my house also. I have to prepare for that as well.

Its 7 days till my vacation as of my official count.

Malapit ko nang makita ito.

The NAIA Runway




I can’t seem to think of anything else !!!!!!!!!

I don’t want to work anymore ……………..

My bags are almost ready.

I didn’t bring much, my family knows I’m in transition from one job to another. Ergo, Im in limbo.

Primarily, the reason why I’m excited is My Mom. I miss my Mom. I want to spend a lot of time with her. Second reason is I am going to have my Bedroom renovated and have some other repairs at home. For some reason, my Mom doesnt notice any maintenance needs till I am there. And third ofcourse another big reason for my being excited is ofcourse, the out of town trips being planned by friends. I hope they all happen.

Excited na me.