I’m Having Problems with my Template

For my Kind Hearted Blogfriends,

I know my Blog looks shitty now. Its all my fault.

I wanted to experiment with my Template. You know I just wanted to tweak here and there and maybe improve the look of my blog. So I edited my html. Now, I lost my widgets, my links thankfully, I placed them in a Text File, so I still have them. And I hate the way my Blog looks.

I’ve changed the template. And now, I can’t get it back. Waaaah !!!! Ano gagawin ko? I’m really regretting my editing the template. But how can I change the template back? I still have my original Template saved. But I don’t know what to do to put it back.

If you have any suggestions you can email me at cru6@kho.kanoosa.com.

I really need your help guys.

I’m desperate.



One Comment on “I’m Having Problems with my Template”

  1. fionixe says:

    elow 🙂 ako rin may problema sa template eh… help din..

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