Hello Wordpress

I’ve moved.

Well I’m still in my trial stage, because my Blogger account is still active, but its just shitty right now. If in case, some miracle happens and I am successful in repairing the damages (which I highly doubt will happen) I have done to it, then I shall delete this account. If not, then I shall just try to move everything from there to here. (I have done this already and I was surprised to learn that it was easy) Aint that grand?

Now all I have to know is how WordPress actually works because I am still unaware of how things work here. It seems a little more difficult than Blogger but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon enough .


6 Comments on “Hello Wordpress”

  1. donalyza says:

    Welcome to the WordPress World! If I were you, get your own domain and go get your site hosted if you are really serious on blogging. If you want free webhost go to my site and check my postthere. All you have to do is email them and ask if they can sponsor your website. http://donalyza.com/free-web-hosting-for-bloggers-and-more/

  2. I see that you have moved to wordpress. Heard your template in blogger got busted. Ok lang yan. Madali lang naman din sa wordpress. ^_^ happy blogging!

  3. Yung about kay DonaLyza, she’s asking you if you are interested to have a free webhost and domain name of your own. Apparently, she’s giving it out for free. I say you should contact her and try it out. ^_^ Libre yan. Happy blogging!

  4. bobot says:

    go ate. goodluck d2 sa wordpress. whatever! chos
    bsta ako, i’ll stick with blogger. chikkaaaa

  5. silkenhut says:

    Hi there, in regards to your question in my shoutout. Umm.. To add widgets in wordpress, you should [1]Go to your dashboard
    [2]Go to Presentation
    [3]Go to widgets
    Just drag and drop your widgets into the sidebars. ^_^

  6. malouinfrance says:

    hi Max: i prefer the old one, but if this will make u happy then im with u all the way…. gandahan mo lang para ganahan akong magbasa…hehehehehe.

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