Heroes Marathon

The cast of Heroes

A painting of Peter Petrellis flying.
Hindi ko kinaya ang pose niya dito.

Claire Bennet, aiming to shoot Peter
– but just couldn’t pull the trigger

Hayden Leslie Panettiere in real life
Her last name is pronounced
“Pan-Uh-Tee-Air-Ee”; the Italian translation is “Baker

Ando and Hiro manipulating the roulette
Ando’s character is Japanese
but he is actually Korean in real life.
Hiro in real life is Masi Oka who graduated in 1997
from Brown University with degrees in mathematics
and computer science and a minor in theatre arts.
He has a 180-plus IQ.
Was featured on the cover of Time Magazine as a child.

Micah and D.L.

Mohinder Suresh

Peter saves the Cheerleader – Claire
who he later discovers to be his niece

Matt and Jessica’s Encounter

Matt didn’t stand a chance.

Since I had two-days off, I had a lot of time for my Heroes Season 1 Marathon. I planned on watching all 23 episodes. In two days.

I watched Episode 1 – 2 last Tuesday night, and since Episode 3 had a problem, it wouldn’t open in my laptop, and a call from Robertisms confirmed that it has a problem, so I skipped Episode 3 and started with Episode 4 last Wednesday night.
Grabe, I was so engrossed in the series, I didn’t really want to stop watching, in between episodes, I would cook, clean, make my bed and bathe too. Wasn’t able to cook any meals so I had no choice buy to eat out. I wanted to bring my laptop along, but that was too much.

Finally I finished Episode 23 at 12 midnight. And slept.

Thanks to Robertisms for the Heroes DVD. I recommend this.

4 Comments on “Heroes Marathon”

  1. the philosphical bastard says:

    didn’t like the ending but the season two preview looked promising.

  2. Kev says:

    Wow, I didn’t know Ando was really Korean.

    I love Heroes as well. Great show.

  3. dazedblu* says:

    nice, love this show… so far i’m on season episode 19, i don’t have a dv copy so i watched it every weekends. πŸ˜‰

    i remember ando was judge in the recent Ms U, right?

  4. gj says:

    I like the show. try watching Nip Tuck!

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