Cooking ng Ina Mo

When I got up from bed.
The first thing I did.
I marinated the chicken legs.
After 3 hours.
I put them in the oven and prayed. Hahahaha.
Hindi naman, confident naman ako.

Mas mabilis sana ang pagluluto,
kung hindi ko binubuksan ang oven every 2 minutes.
Hehehehe. Excited eh.

Silip ulit.
Naluluto naman siya.
In fact

Final Product.
Next time, fish naman ang experiment ko.

Friday morning, I awoke with a mission.

I had a headache from staying up late and watching too much tv. My room was still messy and I had a lot of ironing to do. But still that wouldn’t prevent me from my mission.

I am going to barbecue. Wait. I’m going to cook chicken in the oven, so does that mean I’m baking them? Hmmm, masiyado pang maaga, hindi pa gumagana ang aking brain cells.

Flatmate and I went to the nearest Supermarket and bought some provisions and I remembered buying chicken legs because they were on promo. I didn’t want to fry it because I’ve done that a hundred of times. So I decided to marinate it and try barbecueing it in the oven for a change.

Marunong naman akong mag mix ng pang marinade kasi nag barbecue party na ako before but we used charcoal. This time I’m just cooking it in the oven.

Successful naman ang aking Mission. Although the second batch was much tastier. Oo naman, masiyadong akong naging proud sa sarili ko, that I decided I was barbecueing again for dinner.


I Get Read

I just realized something very special, especially to a Blogger like myself.

“I am Being Read”

People who don’t even know me, read my blog.

Educated people, Creative people, People who have their own blogs, People who have great blogs.
They spent time to read my posts.
I have an audience !!!
I can’t help smiling even as I am typing.

I am actually being read !!!

Sure, my friends regularly pop in and leave a message every now and then. I have a couple of links too who regularly leave messages. My cousin from Manila who also has his own blog doesn’t even remember my url. And regular reader probably is my friend Robertisms, who by the way also is the one who inspired me and taught me the basics of blogging. And who I sometimes have to ask if he has already checked out my latest posts to see if he has any issue with my grammar and spelling. My friend Nelson checks it out too. So, I was thinking that probably I have at least 10 readers.

But now, I am realizing. With the comments that I am receiving and the messages in my Chatbox, I can see I am being read. Matutulog ako ng may ngiti sa aking mga labi mamayang gabi. As my friend Robertisms mentions in his blog. (and I don’t think I will have a problem with this one)

It has been said that ‘OF ALL THE THINGS IN WHICH THE WISE EXCEL, NATURE’S CHIEF MASTERPIECE IS WRITING WELL.’ This is my attempt then at writing and getting published. This is not to say I’m passing myself off as wise but believe me, I hope to come across as someone who just writes well. After all, what’s a frustrated writer to do but write? And hopefully, get read.

Thank you to those who took time to read my blog. I shall certainly try my best to try and entertain, enlighten and educate with my future posts. (well maybe the last one is too ambitious even for me)

Berate My Blog

Hey Unica & Fiona,

Hi I’m Chris. I have been blogging for about 4 – 5 months now and so far, I have enjoyed the past few months. I have no real expertise in blogging and many things I am still learning. I’ve heard about your blog and how you review other people’s blogs. I wanted to have you Berate My Blog for about 5 days now. But I was scared when I think about how my blog might fare. Its pretty amateur compared to others. Anyway I’m going to take a chance here. I would like you to Berate My Blog. I’m sure you will give honest answers. But PLEASE, Pretty Please don’t make me cry……..

My Blog Name is Charmed One
My URL is

So. Its all yours.

Chris Cafuir


I’ve finally decided to just surrender and face my fear head on. I’ve passed my Blog to Unica & Fiona of “Berate My Blog”. I’m still super scared how it will turn out. I hope they don’t bash me to pieces.

Let us all bow our heads and Pray.

How much of the Philippines have I visited. My Grade is C.

My Lakbayan grade is C-!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out atLakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

Naku kapag naging kasing yaman ko si Oprah I shall visit more of the Philippines. Love your own siyempre. Pero siyempre siyempre special occasions will be spent in South of France. Taray !!!!!!



Thursday night

Phone Rings ………

Aimee: Its a weekend in your part of the world. Where are you spending weekend?

Chris: Here lang at home.

Aimee: Oh no! Are you crying?

Chris: Hindi pa naman. I’ll call you when I am.



Its ok though. I have tons of laundry to go and I still haven’t finished the book I’m reading. And I have three DVDs I haven’t watched yet. So I guess I’m occupied. Not to mention the ironing and the vacuuming I have to get done.

My life is such a bore.

This self-pity moment is brought to you by Chris Cafuir


I saw Dreamgirls last night, seems like I’m watching it after the whole world has seen it! Kagabi ko lang napanood. Well I’ve had several chances to watch it. Nung una, sa Pinas, while I was on vacation, I watched the first few minutes got a call and turned it off. And other opportunities passed, pero siguro kagabi talaga destined na mapanood ko ang Dreamgirls. Sinilip ko muna ang aking clock, it was 8:10 pm, 10 minutes till Oprah. If I watch Dreamgirls on DVD, mami miss ko ang Oprah, but then again, replay naman pala ang Oprah so I finally decided to watch the Dreamgirls DVD.

Now I understand why Jennifer Hudson won her Oscar, Golden Globe, a BAFTA, and a SAG Award. She was extremely moving in her portrayal of Effie White. Nagtaray siya the whole time hahahahaha. I turned up the volume everytime Jennifer would sing. Especially when she sang “And I am Telling You” (which I’m not sure if that is the right title by the way), nahiya lang ako baka mamaya kasi naririnig ng kapitbahay ko ang sound from the walls? Kaya hindi ko nilaksan masiyado ang volume. Ganda story, kaya lang feeling ko bitin ako. Sana 3 hours ang movie.

I didn’t want the movie to end. Papanoorin ko ulit tonight.


Phone Call with M

Chris: Uy Kumusta na?

M: Eto, sa bahay. Hindi ako pumasok.

Chris: Bakit ka papasok eh mamaya pa pasok mo?

M: Hinde. I mean hindi ako papasok.

Chris: Baket nga?

M: Masakit ulo ko. Nagpunta ako hospital.

Chris: Migraine?

M: Migraine ka dyan. Pang mayaman lang ang migraine.

Chris: Eh ano nga?

M: Eh sabi ng doctor, malabo na daw mata ko. Dapat daw akong mag salamin.

Chris: Ah. Eh di magsasalamin ka?

M: Hinde. Ayaw ko nga.

Chris: Tange! Magsalamin ka or else mabubulag ka!

M: Ows ??? Ganun ba yon?

Chris: Siyempre madadamage ang optic nerves mo kasi nga ma strain maige kasi nga hindi ka naka salamin.

M: Totoo? Ikaw pinagloloko mo lang ako.

Chris: Joke lang. Hahahaha. Pero you should wear eyeglasses nga para mawala sakit sa ulo mo.

M: Ayaw ko nga eh, magmumukha akong tanga.

Chris: Eh lalo ka kayang mukhang tanga kung hindi mo mabasa ang mga nasa harapan mo na?

M: Hindi naman ganun kalala.

Chris: Eh kung hindi ka gagamit ng salamin eh lalala. Bahala ka nga.

M: Miss na kita.

Chris: Ows??? Talaga?

M: Hindi. Joke din lang Hahahahaha.

Chris: Ba-bye na nga, dami ko pang pending.

M: Teka……….. Ikaw hindi na mabiro.