Blooper at Work

I made a major blunder at work.

I had finalized a booking for an Austrian Package which included hotel accommodations in Vienna, Salzburg, Zell Am See, Innsbruck and Munich. The agent called me to inform that their Driver was already in his way to pick up the vouchers. Their office was an hour and a half away, so they could just pick up stuff once a day and since their driver was coming to Alkhobar, he was also going to pick up the vouchers for the Austrian Package I had arranged.

Since, I was a newbie, I was asking for help from everybody. By now, I knew which was the best person to ask, and who to avoid asking (those who are really out to help but in the process of helping he ends up confusing, and sometimes doesn’t really help).

The booking was for a couple but since they were going to different places, I had to issue 5 separate vouchers. This is where the problem begins. I was used to issuing just one voucher and not multiple vouchers. One by one I made the vouchers. I made sure the computations were right and everything I made sure was right. But I still made a lot of mistakes. At least I can still use the “I’m new here cut me some slack” excuse.

I had the dates wrong, because I cut and pasted I changed the names of the hotel, changed the telephone numbers but forgot to change the dates !!!! Fortunately, the agent, was not really mad at the mistake, I guess he understood the feeling of being a Green Apple. He just laughed with me. And my colleagues were just understanding. But they warned me to always keep my eyes peeled for mistakes in the future, especially for the coming High Season. Proud pa naman ako kasi I was able to issue 7 vouchers today. But as it was, 4 of the vouchers I issued had mistakes in them.

Boy am I scared. Good luck to me.


One Comment on “Blooper at Work”

  1. mink_twink says:

    know what, i did the same mistake also but different situation.

    im a controller and approved the date which the format is wrong… the date is correct but the arrangement of the date is totally worng… the result. around 1000 boxes were stamped with wrong date format, what made it worse is that i was checking the very same date every hour and never did i saw the mistake only after 8 hours of checking. That one is major blunder…

    im expecting a CUT SALARY… no hard feelings coz its really a big mistake on my part.

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