My Productive Weekend

The kitchen.
Ang may sala sa cuts and bruises ko.
I spent 97% of my weekend at home. I was very productive. I finished my laundry, did most of my ironing, scrubbed the kitchen tiles, vacuumed my room and the living room and cleaned the kitchen airconditioner cover. Iba talaga ang feeling na magluluto sa malinis na kitchen. There are still some stains na sinumpa ko na matatanggal din sila hangga’t may hininga pa sa katawan ko. Kasi grabe ang mga ala ala ng mantika na iniwan ng former occupants. They just won’t leave my sight. Hindi sila masiyadong halata para sa mga baguhan lang sa bahay namin pero para sa akin, I know they are there. Napamahal yata sila dun sa tiles eh. Pero they will soon be out of my sight, kapag sinipag akong magkuskos ulit.
Pero even if I was able to do all those things, madalas pa ring nakadikit ang likod ko sa kama. Even I am amazed at myself Hahahahahaha. To think that I was not really in the mood to clean pa? Or maybe I was in the mood to clean subconsciously? That my body just went on automatic?
I only went out Friday late afternoon to buy shrimps at the Seafood Market near our house. I cooked Buttered Shrimps last night, and I can say without bragging that it was delicious. Lami Gyud!
I’m going to have a guest over for dinner on Monday night, and I’m still not decided what to feed my guest. Any suggestions? Iyong madali lang iprepare at masarap pero hindi naman ordinary ok. If I don’t get anything, best bet is my Adobo.
I cook a mean Adobo.

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