Love Actually

My favorite scene from my favorite movie.

If you haven’t seen it, I say go out and get it.

I love Happy Endings most of the time, but wouldn’t it be nice to show that sometimes because of circumstances, you don’t always end up with who you love.

You have to watch the whole movie to get the whole essence of the scene.

If you’ve seen it already then I know you get it.


My Evolution

Ito ang epekto ng sobrang droga!!!
Huwag po siyang gayahin.
Patnubay ng Magulang ay Kailangan.
This is was during my First Year in KSA
Just got out of Law School

TH naman ako dito.

I can still remember the studio where this was shot
Mahihiya sa akin si Sheryl Cruz sa sobrang pa cute ko dito.
Ayan na nga ………..
Rosy cheeks nga, plump cheeks naman.

Hindi kasi nagdahan dahan ………

In fairness, I still look good. Hahahahaha

Medyo dyahe itong post na ito, kasi I’m showing my pictures from my skinny to my not so skinny days. I feel comfortable in my skin now, kahit na medyo not so skinny na ako Hahahahaha. And besides I’m not that fat anyway.

The ironic thing is, just because I’m self deprecating, some people take it as a sign that its ok for them to tease me as well about my weight. I just let it go most of the time, opting not to waste my time on feeling bad about it. But Bestfriend has told me many months ago that inspite of the fact that he teases me about my weight, I was not fat, it was just that when we were together I looked fat because he was super lean. And I still had many fans Hahahahahaha.

Josh’s First Appearance

This is where I first saw Josh Groban, I even thought that his song was lypsynched? Siya pala talaga ang singer? I just remembered him when he started getting famous. This is from an episode of Ally McBeal. A series I found amusing when it was still ongoing. When was that? 3 years ago? My God how time flies.

I liked his character here, shy, insecure and here he dedicated the song to Ally who he had a crush on. His character was a nerd which fit his look, but you can see potential too.

The Perks of Being Me

I read somewhere that whenever you feel down, you should think about why you enjoy being you. I don’t remember where I got this but I was doing just the exact same thing yesterday. After a Birthday Dinner Celebration at Casper & Gambini’s and a brief coffee session at Starbucks last night, I went home and started thinking about what I enjoy being Me.

Although I have frequent Bad Days, and I frequently hate being me. Sometimes I do thank God that he made me as me and that I have some qualities that I enjoy. (I should’ve written this post while I was in the moment last night, it was much better in my head)

Its funny how even during my Pre-Blogging Days, most of my friends knew what was happening in my life and they are always involved somehow. I would always be on the phone spilling my guts out to another friend about the latest drama in my life. And being the drama queen that I am, ofcourse!!! Siyempre enjoy din naman ako that I had someone on my side. I enjoy that I have friends who always hear my side of the story, and even when I am not right, they do not blame or judge me.

I always get complimented about my skin. Hindi ako nagyayabang at this moment ha? I do have nice skin. Thanks to genes that is. I do not use any special product. The most I do for my skin is Soap and once a week I scrub my face with Apricot Scrub. I passed through teenage acne, I suffered about 3 years of acne and then they just disappeared one by one. Until I had clear pimple free skin. And now, even without products, I have clear skin. I do enjoy it, because for me, the best accessory is your clean, clear skin.

I know I am not hot. I mean good looking hot. Lets face reality. But I do get my share of admiring stares and glances. I enjoy it. I get flattered ofcourse, but I got used to it already. Who doesn’t enjoy admiration, but its the stalkers I don’t enjoy. I’ve used my looks for my benefit a lot of times already. I’ve used it before and I’ll use it again. And I’m not ashamed of it. It’s part of being me. And I enjoy it.

I’m a friendly type of person. I like making friends and I enjoy having many friends. Although my being friendly has caused a few problems in the past like I sometimes trust a person too much even if I just met him. I still have not lost faith in people.

As I am writing this post, my mood has improved a bit. I don’t feel sad anymore. I know I have a lot to be thankful for and I still enjoy being me.

Blooper at Work

I made a major blunder at work.

I had finalized a booking for an Austrian Package which included hotel accommodations in Vienna, Salzburg, Zell Am See, Innsbruck and Munich. The agent called me to inform that their Driver was already in his way to pick up the vouchers. Their office was an hour and a half away, so they could just pick up stuff once a day and since their driver was coming to Alkhobar, he was also going to pick up the vouchers for the Austrian Package I had arranged.

Since, I was a newbie, I was asking for help from everybody. By now, I knew which was the best person to ask, and who to avoid asking (those who are really out to help but in the process of helping he ends up confusing, and sometimes doesn’t really help).

The booking was for a couple but since they were going to different places, I had to issue 5 separate vouchers. This is where the problem begins. I was used to issuing just one voucher and not multiple vouchers. One by one I made the vouchers. I made sure the computations were right and everything I made sure was right. But I still made a lot of mistakes. At least I can still use the “I’m new here cut me some slack” excuse.

I had the dates wrong, because I cut and pasted I changed the names of the hotel, changed the telephone numbers but forgot to change the dates !!!! Fortunately, the agent, was not really mad at the mistake, I guess he understood the feeling of being a Green Apple. He just laughed with me. And my colleagues were just understanding. But they warned me to always keep my eyes peeled for mistakes in the future, especially for the coming High Season. Proud pa naman ako kasi I was able to issue 7 vouchers today. But as it was, 4 of the vouchers I issued had mistakes in them.

Boy am I scared. Good luck to me.

Its that time of year again

I was overflowing with pride while watching this. With that answer, and with the crowd’s support, Miriam Quiambao could’ve won. But then the Final Question had to be asked. But then again, First Runner Up isn’t so bad.

My Productive Weekend

The kitchen.
Ang may sala sa cuts and bruises ko.
I spent 97% of my weekend at home. I was very productive. I finished my laundry, did most of my ironing, scrubbed the kitchen tiles, vacuumed my room and the living room and cleaned the kitchen airconditioner cover. Iba talaga ang feeling na magluluto sa malinis na kitchen. There are still some stains na sinumpa ko na matatanggal din sila hangga’t may hininga pa sa katawan ko. Kasi grabe ang mga ala ala ng mantika na iniwan ng former occupants. They just won’t leave my sight. Hindi sila masiyadong halata para sa mga baguhan lang sa bahay namin pero para sa akin, I know they are there. Napamahal yata sila dun sa tiles eh. Pero they will soon be out of my sight, kapag sinipag akong magkuskos ulit.
Pero even if I was able to do all those things, madalas pa ring nakadikit ang likod ko sa kama. Even I am amazed at myself Hahahahahaha. To think that I was not really in the mood to clean pa? Or maybe I was in the mood to clean subconsciously? That my body just went on automatic?
I only went out Friday late afternoon to buy shrimps at the Seafood Market near our house. I cooked Buttered Shrimps last night, and I can say without bragging that it was delicious. Lami Gyud!
I’m going to have a guest over for dinner on Monday night, and I’m still not decided what to feed my guest. Any suggestions? Iyong madali lang iprepare at masarap pero hindi naman ordinary ok. If I don’t get anything, best bet is my Adobo.
I cook a mean Adobo.