I like ………..

The song was introduced to me by my cousin Daniel, I knew the song but didn’t much like it in the beginning, but I just came to appreciate it afterwards. I like the video too. Di ba, ang ganda ng mga videos na may some kind of story. Even if I had a Bad Day, when I listen to the song, it gets better.

Mental note, I gotta get me one of those MP3 players, seems like everybody has one plugged to their ears? Question? Will I look cool wearing those while walking in the mall? Or will I just look stupid? May fear din ako, I have a tendency to sing along with the song, so if I wear those, I might already be singing out loud and out of tune and everybody was laughing at me already – tapos hindi ko pa alam? Scratch the purchase of MP3 na lang pala.


New Kid in Town

Being the new guy in the office has its perks and it had its downsides too. First and foremost, I don’t get as much load as everyone else for the meantime, since I dont know much yet. I only get this chance once so why not enjoy it right? After a few more months here I’m sure to get more workload than I get now so exploit it right? And since I’m new everyone gives me a little leeway when I make mistakes hahahahaha. They should, since they can’t expect me to learn everything in an instant, right? I know they don’t but sometimes I feel that they do? Paranoia sets in every now and then.

When there are visitors, I get introduced as the new guy so they pay more attention to me. I don’t like that. I wish that they leave me alone since I have so much blogging to do hahahahaha. But the shortest time they stay is approximately one cup of coffee. Mental note, next time “don’t give them coffee”, or half a cup so they would leave earlier.

But then again, since I’m new, I don’t know much of the procedures that all my colleagues know like the back of their hand. ‘Honestly, there have been a lot of times that I felt so stupid, insignificant and just plain uncapable. But I can only give myself a few minutes for self-pity, then I try to bounce back. Give me a few more months and I’m sure to memorize everything too, but for now, well not yet. And most importantly, since I’m new I need to prove myself, I need to show them that just like them, I am capable. So instead of just surfing the net, I answer the calls, I volunteer to do accounting, I try my best to study the Web based system they have. I don’t complain when I was given weekend duty. In short, I try to suck in everything I can possibly learn.

Barring all the impediments, I shall prevail.

Good luck to me.

This is where I live

Main Door, may nag react,
hindi daw bagay ang shoe rack ko dun.

Our Living Room

Another angle of our Living Room,
Dining Table at the Back

Entrance to the Rooms, Orly’s room to the right

Bathroom straight,

and my room to the left to the left.

Kitchen, my kingdom

Orly rarely cooks, come to think of it,

I’ve never seen him cook

This is my Bedroom, I still lack a few more things,
I plan to get some Area Rugs to cover the
cigarette burns (tsismis)

My Room from a different angle, you can see

my Dresser from this angle. And my small mirror.

This is the view from Orly’s Door.

My Loveseat. Hasn’t seen much love yet.

The view from my window.

This is what I call my Home in Alkhobar. Its a two-bedroom Flat that I share with Orly, another Expat here too. Fortunately, he had many things already, so we didnt have to buy a lot of things. Some of the furniture doesn’t match, its a mixture of my Furniture from Riyadh and Orly’s furniture and some furniture provided by the Real Estate, but its ok. We don’t mind it much. We don’t have a lot of visitors, just a few of my friends, hahahahaha, as if naman ang dami kong friends dito. I do most of the cooking, he does the dishes.

We have neighbors, but I don’t know them, I don’t even know their names, but I smile at them as a form of acknowledgment whenever we pass each other in the hallway. The only other flat I’ve visited in the same building is the one where Orly used to live. Oh I forgot to mention he used to live in the floor above.

I enjoy the view from my window. Sometimes I smoke there, watching cars passing by the highway, wondering where they might be going, wondering if they might see me too, watching the sea from afar. Nag eemote ako madalas dun hahahahahaha. Dapat nga lang magbawas ng pag eemote dun kasi baka mapatalon ako ng wala sa oras.

Most Recent Picture

I don’t know what has gotten over me. I used to take pictures all the time? Mahal na mahal ko ang aking Digital Camera. Its always in my bag (it still actually is), and I always used it to take pictures but since I came to Alkhobar, hindi ko pa man nailalabas sa bag ko. This latest picture was taken during the Hilton Presentation at the Holiday Inn here in Alkhobar. Notice the shirt I’m wearing? Pink talaga di ba? It was not even taken using my camera, even if I brought it with me. Maybe I’m not excited with my camera anymore? maybe I need to buy a new one? Naku !!!!!!!!!! Anyway, this picture is with Wibo, the Sales Manager of the Hilton Barcelona. He reminded me of somebody I used to be close with in the past. So I decided to take a picture with him. Pleasing to the eyes right?

One Week in Alkhobar

My first week has passed.

There were no big challenges for me during the first week. Since, I have been to Alkhobar many times before for weekend getaways, I wasn’t shocked or anything like that. I know the place already, not that well but I was familiar with everything already.

Swerte nga ako kahit paano kasi I was able to find a house only at my second attempt to find one, samantalang iyong iba ay hirap na hirap makahanap agad. And the house I found had a view!

My things came yesterday, 6 days after I relocated! Another feat for me! Super pagod ako yesterday sa pag aayos ng aking everything! My things came in boxes, so I opened everything and put them in their right place. I arranged my things from 10am – 6pm. After that I couldnt move my muscles anymore. Everything ached! Especially my legs and feet! I took a shower, had dinner with Orly. Smoked. Then at 945, I slept.

The only thing I am disappointed about is that I still didn’t get my Housing Loan. My funds have been depleted and I haven’t even bought groceries yet. Wala pa akong bigas! Wala pa akong mailuto sa bahay. I need rugs too. Some parts of the carpet in my room have cigarette burns. I need to cover them up. Hahahahaha

Pero my first week has been happy naman.

Fortunately unfortunate

Due to the big move from Riyadh to Alkhobar. A lot of big changes have happened to me, resulting into some irritating, some trivial, some worth complaining about and some kaartehan ko lang. But, marami din naman magandang nangyayaring changes ang nangyari.
Fortunately, after just 2 days of House Hunting, nakahanap ako agad ng bahay. Sinwerte ako that I met somebody who was also looking for a place to move into, so we just decided, magsasama na lang kami in a two bedroom flat which was easier to find rather than a one bedroom flat.
Unfortunately, my things have not yet come, hindi nila maschedule ng mas maaga kaya Wednesday April 19 pa nila maideliver sa akin. Excited na nga ako na dumating ang mga gamit ko para maiayos ko na lahat according to my needs. And ofcourse to satisfy my aesthetic sense too.
Fortunately, I’m sharing the flat with someone who has almost the same likes and dislikes as I do. He is a little older than me, but he is much much boisterous than me. Walang dull moment talaga kapag kasama siya, tawa ako nang tawa. Natutuwa kami kasi even if we have known each other for only a few days, we feel comfortable with each other already. Sana hindi magbago.
Unfortunately, I’m checking out of the hotel tomorrow, with no things, a lot of laundry at hindi pa ako nakakaipon ng mga soaps and shampoos hahahahahaha, the last one is just a joke, hindi ako mahilig mag ipon ng mga shampoos from the hotels I stay in. I prefer bedsheets and towels hahahahaha.
Fortunately, I have made new friends too. Just a few pa lang, but I’m sure I will make more, but I hope I meet the right kind of people.
Fortunately again, I have been doing a lot of walking. I hope to get thinner. Enough said about that. And unfortunately too, when I walk, kasi I walk a little bit before I can get a ride going to work, kaya I walk using my leather shoes. If I was wearing rubber shoes, it wouldve been better. I’m thinking of wearing rubber shoes when I get out and then just change when I get in the office? Puwede kaya? Kaya lang just thinking about it – tinatamad na ako. I’m sure this plan would never see the light of day.
And unfortunately, wala pa akong sariling pc dito sa office, hindi pa ako makapag upload ng pictures, pero sa totoo lang, nagtataka nga ako sa sarili ko, I haven’t taken a single picture since I came? Bakit kaya? Pero having no pc of my own in the office as of the moment is also fortunate for me kasi hindi pa ako binibgyan ng masiyadong work hahahahaha. Sana walang makabasa nito from the office. Baka bigyan na ako agad ng sariling pc.
Promise friends, once my flat is finished, I mean kapag natapos na namin lahat ng pag aayos I will take some pictures for you to see. I’m sure my friends in Riyadh are eagerly awaiting for that. That is – kung hindi pa nila ako nakakalimutan? Which I’m sure will happen eventually, which is unfortunate for me.

House Hunting

I have been given 7 days to stay in the Hotel, and in that seven days, I need to find a house, flat, room or whatever accomodation I can find. So on the first day, we (my colleague Albert) and I were already out looking for a place for me to stay after my brief stay in the Hotel. Buti na lang hindi pa masiyadong mainit at humid sa Alkhobar kaya kinaya pa ng powers ko na maglakad lakad sa labas while looking for a house.
Sa unang attempt namin ng Tuesday night, sawi kami to find something. Naglakad kami everywhere trying to check out the postings of Filipinos who were looking to share a flat with them. Wala. We checked with Albert’s friends and unfortunately, wala pa rin. Uwi ako sa hotel ng luhaan.
Second attempt Wednesday night, we had lunch at AlRahmaniya, this is jampacked with Filipinos during the weekend, I plan to avoid it like the plague during weekends, ayaw kong maging familiar face sa Rahmaniya hahahaha, gusto ko kung makita nila ako eh walang makakakilala sa akin dun, at feeling ko taga Riyadh pa rin ako – well if that’s possible lang naman. Nag lunch nga kami and we saw a colleague that Albert knew and asked if he knew of a vacancy. Parang sagot siya sa aming mga panalangin, meron daw, the room was going to be vacated by another colleague who was going home on Medical Termination, kinabahan naman ako dun hahahahaha. Magpakatotoo kayo? If the room you were going to move in to was occupied by a Stroke Victim who is Half Comatosed, pauwi siya with a Nurse Aid, I’m sure you would have second thoughts too. But we decided to consider it, and decided that I should see it first tonight.
After office, I went back to the hotel and rested a bit, afterwards had dinner with Albert and we proceeded to the prospective flat. But it seems that there was no one in the house, so punta na lang kami sa kapitbahay, who coincidentally was Albert’s friends. Ang payo nila eto, I’m sure ikababaliw ninyo.
Sabi nila, kung tatanungin ko daw sila, kung may makikita pa daw ako ng iba, sa iba na lang. Sabi ko why naman? Nung una hindi pa masabi pero they spilled their guts too in the end. Jinxed daw ang room. Dalawa na daw na Pilipino who occupied the same room ang na stroke, magkasunod pa! Kaya knock on wood huwag naman daw pero baka ako daw ang sumunod sa mga yapak nila? AFRAID ME !!!!!! Kulang na lang eh tumakbo ako palabas ng building na yon!
Pero eto pa, another friend of theirs was also looking to move somewhere else, kaya ayun sabay kaming naghanap. And as of presstime, we might get a semi furnished two bedroom flat near the Corniche. Contract signing mamaya.