Things you probably didn’t know about me

In the office whenever I dont have anything important to do, I read anything I come across in the net. I also read other people’s blogs, which was primarily the reason why I started blogging, I just thought, if everybody’s doing it – then why cant I? It can’t be that hard? Hahaha. Was I ever wrong…… It was difficult at first, I didn’t know how to post pictures, I didnt know how to put widgets here and there. I still dont know the etiquette to blogging. Are there rules on blogging? But I was learning by checking other people’s blogs and well imitating as well (aw come on imitation is the highest form of flattery and I needed something to gauge on how my blog compared) through this process, i found that my blog needed some more improvements, even my posts were a little too elementary compared to some of the posts of others, but I vowed not to delete my posts however silly they might be so that I can see my improvement, if I ever will improve hahahaha.

I don’t ever dream that I would have a huge following, only my close friends would get to ever read this and judging from my chatbox, nobody has bothered to post. But I don’t mind. One day I would have someone post something in the chatbox. Whoever would be the first to post in my chatbox, I would kiss the ground he/she walks on. Joke! And since my friends would be reading this, I guess this would be a good opportunity to tell things about me that they probably didn’t know.

1. I’m a procrastinator. Why do it today when you can do it later? or maybe tomorrow? or next week? It’s not that obvious though, even my colleagues don’t see it because when something needs to be done, and its not my responsibility to do it, I harass them all the time to do it immediately.

2. I’m fascinated by people from showbusiness. But who isn’t?

3. Im tsismoso. I dont mean that I spread rumors, I just like hearing stories about other people, I may know them personally, or not. I don’t celebrate in the tragedy of other people’s lives I just try to learn what I can from their experience.

4. I get fooled easily. I trust easily. I believe in the goodness of everybody, until they do something bad to me which comes to my next bit.

5. I know how to forgive, its just the forgetting that I dont know how to do.

6. I am not a risk taker. I’m scared to move out of my comfort zone. I get offers every now and then to move to another career, or another job, or another country. I dont believe that the grass is greener at the other side of the fence. I’m scared of the other side. The thought of the unknown is scary for me. Risks scare me.

7. Whenever I’m depressed, that’s when I dress up. I dont like to display my depression. I dress up real nice when im blue.

8. I take real pleasure in arranging my wardrobe cabinet. Does that make me weird? I dont know, but that’s me. I like arranging it by color, nobody sees it but me but I sleep better knowing that my wardrobe is coordinated.

9. I like driving in the rain. I dont know what it does to me. Can’t explain.

10. I am shy. Might be hard to believe because I seem outgoing to a lot of people, but I am really insecure deep inside.

I’ll just leave it to 10 things, you might get bored reading after 10.

Tell me what you think of my blog. Post your comments and messages in my chatbox. Thanks.


Sabay – Sabay

After our dinner at the Marriott Hotel (sosyal kami hahahaha), hinatid ko na si Rommel at umuwi na ako. Pagkapa ko sa bag ko hindi ko makita ang aking susi, eh nandun na ako sa main door ng flat so I just rang the bell knowing that Ariel my flatmate was there, buti na lang at may duplicate key siya kasi suspetsa ko I left my keys in the office, (pero naiwan ko lang pala sa kotse).
I turned on the tv, ayun na naman si Hope everywhere. Nakakainis nga siya, ewan ko I dont find any hint of credibility in her statements, kahit katiting man lang wala eh? Is it just me or is she just plain nuts? Nakakainis pa, sabay sabay ang mga magagandang shows sa lahat ng channels, bakit naman ganun? So I just did what I can do in my predicament, channel surfing na lang. Eto mga palabas all at the same time. May naintindihan naman ako kahit paano kasi intelligent ako eh. Hahahahaha.
TFC – The Buzz (with Hope’s interview pati ang side ni Kris sa mga kahina hinalang statements ni Hope
GMA – Showbiz S-files guess niyo kung sino ininterview ni Lolit siyempre naman ang hindi masiyadong mahilig magpa interview na si Hope pa rin.
MBC 2 – The Lord of the Rings – Return on the King (ang ganda ganda talaga nito- siyempre wala na si Hope dito hahahaha)
MBC 3 – Extreme Something, cartoons pambata gusto ko rin sana patulan
MBC4 – Alias (bakit naman kasi nakikisabay, hindi ako tuloy makapag
concentrate eh)
One TV – Dick Tracy, hindi ko masiyadong feel pero maganda din sana.
I ended up paying more attention to The Buzz and eventually nung natapos akala ko ay makakapag concentrate na ako sa The Lord of the Rings pero ang sumunod naman ay Pinoy Big Brother, eh siyempre curious din akong makita kung sino ang mga new housemates who will be the topic of all umpukan. Siyempre kailangan makaka relate ako sa mga umpuk umpukan na yan kaya kailangang makisubaybay sa PBB. Well ayun nga, Pinoy Big Brother and Lord of the Rings pinagsabay ko. Sa kahabaan ng The Lord of the Rings ay natapos na ang Pinoy Big Brother eh naglalakbay pa rin si Frodo but since this is the last installment of the series kaya naman inubos na nila lahat ng budget kaya 32 years ang Lord of the Rings. Natapos ang Lord of the Rings ng 230, naalala ko na Oscars nga pala! The event was going to be shown live kaya lang 4am at parang hindi ko na yata kakayanin? Atsaka ilang kilos na naman kaya ang eyebags ko sa umaga? May pasok pa ako ng 9am at may lunch pa ako sa Marriott na naman kaya pinindot ko na lang ang record at pinilit na matulog na, hindi ako masiyadong nag effort na matulog kasi antok na antok na rin naman ako, so sleep engulfed me easily.
Mamaya ko na lang papanoorin ang Oscars which I scanned shortly before work at tawa ako nang tawa kay Ellen Degeneres. Mabuti na lang at hindi ko napanaginipan si Hope kasi since last week ko pa siya nakikita sa TV.

Night at the Marriott

At the Convention Hall Lobby of the Marriott
Because the world is always on
Robert Myself and Dennis

Dennis and Me at the Reception Desk

Star of the Night

Hello Moto?

Gusto ko ito, payat ako dito.

I was invited to join friends at the Alcatel Lucent Technology Seminar, siyempre free food kaya go ako, katamad magluto sa bahay and pagkakataon ko na naman na mag picture hehehe, so Rommel and I went. Above are the pictures.

Iba ibang pictures

These are some pictures of me that were taken with Alyssa’s phone a long time ago, I just found them recently and decided to post them. Alam mo iyong mga phones na may mga effects effects, ito yun. Pinaglaruan niya, eh walang ganung feature ang aking phone kaya pina bluetooth ko na lang. I remember this was one of those Barbeque parties we had back then at Omar’s Rooftop.

Other Pictures during the Weekend

Me and Phil. Ambassador to KSA, unfortunately nakatalikod siya hihihihi

Dennis, Me, Ferdie and Robert in Ferdie’s Photo Exhibit

Si Bestfriend, wala lang akong explanation kung ano ang pumasok sa isip niya this time.

Again si Bestfriend, minamahal si National Hero

Walang explanation.

A Charmed Weekend

Eric and I, pasensya na kasi wala ako sa mood masiyado.

The Next Singing Sensation. Hindi pa ako nakakaisip ng title ko eh.

At the Philippine Embassy Chancery, support ako kay Ferdie

Dennis, Rommel (at back) Me and Angelie

Matino pa ako diyan, hindi pa naka on ang HDT

I thought my weekend was going to be a bore after Rommel’s supposed guests did not come, but even if it was me, Eric and Rommel, we still had fun. Ayaw paawat ni Eric sa kakakanta. It was a good thing na dalawa ang mic ni rommel kaya puwede kaming makasingit kahit na kumakanta siya hahahaha.

Friday morning came at kumakanta pa rin si Eric, while Rommel and I were trying to sleep. My phone rang and Friendship Robert was calling to invite me to go to Ferdie’s Photo Exhibit kaya go kami dun after a much needed shower and a little rest in my house. While Bestfriend was watching some movies in my laptop, I took the opportunity to put some clothes in the washing machine, tutal we still had at least 3 hours till Robert & Dennis was scheduled to pick us up. Kaya ayun nakatapos ako ng wash ko.

Ready and fresh na kaming humarap sa mga tao nung dumating sa Diplomatic Quarters, as is evidenced in my pictures.


Ang may pinaka malaking smile, may prize.

Thursday na naman kaya weekend na naman ang mga expats dito sa Riyadh. Mayron na kaming gimmick ni Bestfriend Rommel tonight, may mga bisita daw siya from Alothaim Supermarket na makikipag kantahan sa amin mamaya, kaya lang late pa raw sila dadating, as in 2am pa daw! Wish ko lang hindi sila jologs para naman hindi namin pagsisihan ang aming pagpupuyat. Buti na lang at merong HDT si Bestfriend kaya anytime namin gustong mag sing along eh puwede, pero kahit na anong gawin namin ay hindi pa rin namin na improve ang aming singing voice, kami lang talaga ang makakatiis na makinig sa sarili namin, im sure iyong iba hindi kakayanin hahahaha. Good luck na lang sa amin tonight.